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Johnny Bravo tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo has his own style. Actually it is not his own style, it is rather mixture of Elvis Presley and Casanova, but without the charm or sophistication.
Just Shoot Me! tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Just Shoot Me!
Jack Gallo is an eccentric owner of Blush, magazine about beauty, style and fashion. He has chosen quite strange set of characters to work with him, but one day his estranged daughter visits him to ask for a job.
King of Queens tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
King of Queens
Doug is a overweight courier, who does not enjoy his job. His consolation is his beautiful wife... he also can’t enjoy much since her father, that doesn’t get along with Doug, moved in with them.
Kiss Me Kate tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Kiss Me Kate
Kate and Douglas are two psychologists running their practice with strange clients visiting every day. Unfortunately Douglas could use some professional help himself, so it is all up to Kate to keep the business running.
Kröd Mändoon tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Kröd Mändoon
Kröd Mändoon, the holder of a Flaming Sword of Fire joins the freedom fighters on a mission that could bring down the evil Chancellor Dongalor.
Lab Rats tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Lab Rats
Staff of a science lab at St Dunstan’s University is unusual set of characters - from eccentric Nobel winning professor, who seems to passed it, to Dutch born dean, who is nothing but weird.
Ladies Man tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Ladies Man
Jimmy Stiles is a carpenter working from home, but his personal life keeps getting in the way of his work.
Last of the Summer Wine tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Last of the Summer Wine
Three elderly men from Yorkshire wonder around their town, around the countryside and look for ways to kill some time and feel young again.
Less Than Perfect tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Less Than Perfect
Life in the offices of television station isn’t what it would seem. Claude Casey becomes an assistant for the news anchorman Will Butler, which is not an easy job, especially when you have to deal with strange requests and mean colleagues.
Life of Riley tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Life of Riley
Newly married couple Maddy and Jim start their life together together with their children from previous relationships.
Little Britain tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
Little Britain
Sketch comedy show based on a two main actors Matt Lucas and David Walliams using various costumes and makeup to show the stereotypes within British society or to mock the taboo themes.
Little Britain USA tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
Little Britain USA
Short lived programme extending the Little Britain sketch show for the American market - some characters seen before, some new characters and as usual no stopping at controversial themes.
Living with Fran tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Living with Fran
A mother of two ends up falling in love with a man half her age and not much older than her son, which leads to problems.
Love Inc tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Love Inc
Clea is running a dating consulting agency that helps single people finding their dream partners or to overcome their fears linked with dating, but she could use some help with her own life.
Lucky Louie tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Lucky Louie
Louie is typical average American with uninteresting job, empty bank account and family that drives him crazy.
Malcolm in the Middle tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm and his unusual family: temperamental mother, goofy father, one bullying brother and always-a-victim the other. Not to mention the eldest brother, that had to be sent to military school for his misbehaviour.
Mike Bassett: Manager tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Mike Bassett: Manager
After success with England national team Mike Bassett takes up a new challenge - he becomes manager of local football team Wirral County, where his father used to play. He does not realize how great that challenge really is.
Miranda tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Miranda is 30-something girl (yes, contrary to her appearance and common belief she is a girl) that runs a novelty shop and tries not to take life too seriously.
Miss Guided tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Miss Guided
Becky Freeley returns to her high school to become a guidance counselor. The problem is she can hardly survive on her own.
Mr Bean tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
Mr Bean
Nonverbal comedy from Rowan Atkinson as one of the most successful losers in the world - Mr Bean, lives in small suburnan house, he finds it difficult to deal with even most prosaic tasks and always finds unusual ways to deal with them.

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