1960s Sitcoms

All Gas and Gaiters tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
All Gas and Gaiters
In fictional St Ogg’s cathedral bishop Hever, his jolly friend the archdeacon and the young bishop’s chaplain deal with everyday problems and the one man they simply can’t stand - the dean of St Ogg’s.
At Last the 1948 Show tv comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
At Last the 1948 Show
Sketch based show created by later well known British comedians - Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Marty Feldman.
Barbara and John tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Barbara and John
Jan, reporter from national newspaper, is teamed up with new journalist, Barbara as they chase the stories.
Beyond Our Ken radio comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Beyond Our Ken
Sketch-based radio show starring Kenneth Horne and (among others) Kenneth Williams.
Big Business Lark radio comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Big Business Lark
Radio comedy show set in the fictional company Allied British Plastics, where the owner Sir Charles Boniface and his son Frank are trying to deal with all sort of threats that could put ABP out of business.
Car 54, Where Are You? tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Car 54, Where Are You?
Gunther Toody and Francis Muldoon are two cops from New York 53rd precinct and a constant source of headache for their superiors.
Carry On movie comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Carry On
One of the longest ever series of comedy films and parodies made by great set of actors. Each of the films is different story and different set of characters, but the light atmosphere and the dialogues filled with innuendos are the trademarks of Carry On series.
Dad’s Army tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Dad’s Army
During World War II Great Britain was forced to call up the civilians to form Local Defence Volunteers (later known as the Home Guard) - the formation that would backup the regular army in case of German invasion. This series show how this force looked like. More or less...
Do Not Adjust Your Set tv comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Do Not Adjust Your Set
Sketch based show created by some of the best British comedians, like David Jason, Michael Palin or Terry Jones. Programme started as show mainly for the kids, but it turned out that adult viewers were most of the audience.
Embassy Lark radio comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Embassy Lark
British embassy in the fictional country of Tratvia with the ambassador Sir Jeremy Crichton-Buller and his first secretary Henry Pettigrew try hard to keep smooth relations between Tratvia, United Kingdom and the other ambassadors (from China, USSR and USA).
Fantomas movie comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Fantomas, the mysterious and most powerful villain there is - he is elusive, has an army of criminals and any kind of gadgets he would need to reach his target. Ambitious journalist Fandor gets a little bit too close to the truth with his publications and Fantomas takes him on as his next target.
Father, Dear Father tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Father, Dear Father
Renown crime novelist Patrick Glover finds it hard to cope with writing and taking care of his two young daughters, even though they are not that young anymore.
Fractured Flickers tv comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Fractured Flickers
What would you get by mixing a silent movie with audio track, but audio track from completely different story? You would get a fractured flicker...
Get Smart tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Get Smart
James Bond parody - Maxwell Smart is a secret agent of CONTROL agency, who’s job is to stop agents of KAOS from completing their evil plans.
Hancock’s Half Hour tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Hancock’s Half Hour
One of the first situation comedy series in British tv. Each week Tony Hancock presents different story about life of his character falling into pieces, often with help of scheming Sid James.
Hogan’s Heroes tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Hogan’s Heroes
Colonel Hogan leads the prisoners in German camp during the II World War and do everything he can to spoil plans of German war machine. And he can do, surprisingly, a lot.
I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again radio comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again
Sketch based show featuring such talents as Tim Brooke-Taylor or John Cleese presenting parodies and sketches with style close to the At Last 1948 Show or sometimes even Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
Likely Lads tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Likely Lads
Terry and Bob share a flat, but also they share their hobby - girls. Not that they are particularly good at picking up women...
Men from the Ministry radio comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Men from the Ministry
Fictional General Assistance Department was created to help other ministries with often trivial problems. Incompetent civil servants that are running it get into trouble everytime they try to do their job. But most of the time they just try to look like they are doing any job.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus tv comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Legendery sketch show created by group of British comedians - surreal stories, unique characters and complete lack of respect for anything sacred.
Morecambe and Wise Show tv comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Morecambe and Wise Show
Morecambe and Wise show with sketches mixed between songs and guest stars taking part in unusually bad plays written by Ernie Wise.
Navy Lark radio comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Navy Lark
Radio show about misadventures of Royal Navy crew aboard HMS Troutbridge frigate that would do almost anything to avoid work.
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
Two tailors run the business together - Manny Cohen is Jewish and Patrick Kelly is Irish catholic. They do not allow their religion get in the way of good argument.
Oh, Brother! tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Oh, Brother!
Brother Dominic is a kind and well-meaning man, who just keeps having the accidents. The monastery he belongs to had to create a special fund to cover the expenses of fixing all the thing that get broken.
Olsen Gang movie comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
Olsen Gang
Egon as safecracker, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time they try to be rich by breaking into safes by Franz Jaeger of Berlin or tricking the rich bankers.
On the Buses tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
On the Buses
Stan Butler works as a bus driver with his friend Jack Harper as his conductor. They know all the tricks and all the gimmicks to avoid actual work and only look like theydo their job. But ill-tempered inspector Blake is determined to catch them.
Pardon the Expression tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Pardon the Expression
Leonard Swindley becomes the deputy manager of the department store Dobson & Hawks. He is constantly suspended between the demands of management and the reluctance of the employees.
Steptoe and Son tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Steptoe and Son
Father and son run together "rag and bone" business (buying and selling old junk) and they don’t really get along - father is grumpy and doesn’t want to change anything, while his son wants something better from life.
The Benny Hill Show tv comedy series 1960s Sitcoms
The Benny Hill Show
The show built around Benny Hill, who for almost 20 years became one of the most recognizable comedians from Great Britain. Simple, sometimes childish, usually politically incorrect and universally funny.
The Dustbinmen tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
The Dustbinmen
Number 3 Gang - four completely different dustbin men (or how they prefer to be called refuse collectors), who have one thing in common - they devote their time to skiving and scheming to earn some money or at least drive their depot inspector mad.
The Rag Trade tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
The Rag Trade
A small clothing company manager simply can’t control his female workers, especially the shop steward Paddy who uses all opportunities to show him who really runs the workshop.
Up Pompeii tv sitcom 1960s Sitcoms
Up Pompeii
Series set in ancient Popmeii where Lurcio, the slave servant in senator Ludicrus Sextus house is telling stories of every day life. Or rather not every day.
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