2004 Sitcoms

8 Simple Rules tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
8 Simple Rules - Season 3
Father struggles to deal with raising his teenage daughters when his wife takes up a job at hospital that requires spending more time away from family.
According to Jim tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
According to Jim - Season 4
Chicago suburban family with Jim as a irresponsible father that keeps getting in trouble, Cheryl as a down-to-earth wife and their kids.
Black Books tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Black Books - Series 3
Bernard Black is owner of small old-fashioned bookshop that barely breaks even, mostly thanks to Bernard’s customer service skills... that he has none. He hires Manny to help around the shop, but his happy-go-lucky attitude really gets on Bernard’s nerves.
Catherine Tate Show tv comedy series 2004 Sitcoms
Catherine Tate Show - Season 1
Sketch-based comedy series centered around characters created by Catherine Tate.
Corner Gas tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Corner Gas - Season 1
The life (or lack of such) that surrounds the gas station in fictional town Dog River, Saskatchewan, Canada. Attractive newcomer Lacey Burrows opens a diner and has to adapt to very slow and very quiet surroundings.
Corner Gas tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Corner Gas - Season 2
The life (or lack of such) that surrounds the gas station in fictional town Dog River, Saskatchewan, Canada. Attractive newcomer Lacey Burrows opens a diner and has to adapt to very slow and very quiet surroundings.
Coupling tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Coupling - Season 4
The uneasy realtions between people who are dating, used to date each other or would want to - six thirty-something friends share their views on relationships.
Curb Your Enthusiasm tv comedy series 2004 Sitcoms
Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 4
Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld comedy series based on the events from his life, now shows how his life really looks like. More or less real life since most of the scenes were improvised by the actors.
Doc Martin tv comedy series 2004 Sitcoms
Doc Martin - Season 1
Doctor Martin Ellingham moves to a small town of Portwenn in Cornwall, where he used to spend his childhood. He meets his rather ecentric neighbours and patients, but the fact is he isn’t an average doctor either.
Drew Carey Show tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Drew Carey Show - Season 9
Crew haircut, thick glasses and thick figure - that’s Drew Carey, an assistant director of personnel in a Cleveland department store. Frustrated with his job he can always count on his friends.
Everybody Loves Raymond tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 9
Series based on stand-up comedy by Ray Romano. He plays a sport journalist, who leaves his wife to deal with their kids and the his invasive mother that lives just across the street.
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace tv comedy series 2004 Sitcoms
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace - Series 1
Garth Marenghi, the horror pulp books author, presents the highlight of his career - the TV series called Darkplace in which he played the main character. Together with his producer and one of the actors he recalls that groundbreaking show.
Girlfriends tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Girlfriends - Season 5
Series centered around the lives of four African American women in Los Angeles.
Green Wing tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Green Wing - Series 1
Dr. Caroline Todd is about to start a job in hospital, but everything goes wrong for her - she has to sleep in the car, all the people she meet treat her brusquely and she has doubts if she is in the right place. But her problems comparing to rest of the staff are actually quite trivial.
Grounded for Life tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Grounded for Life - Season 4
Sean and Claudia Finnerty got married pretty young, due to unexpected pregnancy. Now, three kids later, they still struggle to cope with everyday problems.
Half and Half tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Half and Half - Season 3
Mona and Dee Dee are half-sisters who share the same father. They are completely different which shows on every occasion.
Hardware tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Hardware - Season 2
Hardware store somewhere in London and inside 4 unusual men - student Steve, weird Kenny, veteran Rex and Mike, who is bored with his life.
Joey tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
Joey - Season 1
Joey Tribbiani moves from New York to Los Angeles in order to pursuit his acting career. He stays with her sister and starts the new stage of his life.
Johnny Bravo tv comedy series 2004 Sitcoms
Johnny Bravo - Season 4
Johnny Bravo has his own style. Actually it is not his own style, it is rather mixture of Elvis Presley and Casanova, but without the charm or sophistication.
King of Queens tv sitcom 2004 Sitcoms
King of Queens - Season 7
Doug is a overweight courier, who does not enjoy his job. His consolation is his beautiful wife... he also can’t enjoy much since her father, that doesn’t get along with Doug, moved in with them.
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