2000s Sitcoms

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The Office US tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
The Office US
Remake of British series The Office showing (what a surprise) office life in small branch of paper company, where incompetent manager constantly places himself and his employees in awkward situations.
The Simpsons tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
The Simpsons
The Simpsons - average family in an average American city of Springfield, living not at all average life.
The Smoking Room tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
The Smoking Room
Group of co-workers meet in the smoking room, where there is only one rule - "no shop talk". So they talk about... pretty much everything not work related.
The Sofa of Time radio comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
The Sofa of Time
Two major life losers just lost another job, but this time life gave them chance of real adventure in a parallel universe, where one of them happens to be the Chosen One that will save the world.
The Thick of It tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
The Thick of It
Department of Social Affairs is run by not very competent people under command of dawdling minister, but luckily they can count on Malcolm Tucker, who will give them wise advise or will scare them to death.
The Vicar of Dibley tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
The Vicar of Dibley
The life of citizens of small parish of Dibley are about to be changed when their old vicar dies and the bishop sends the new one - much younger, much fitter, much better looking and... of the opposite sex. The female vicar? They have to get used to the idea...
Then Came You tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Then Came You
Single woman Billie Thornton fells in love with younger man, Aidan, and finds out what problems this may cause.
tlc tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Young Dr. Flynn joins the NHS South Middlesex hospital, where he lerns how far the reality is from his expectations.
To The Manor Born tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
To The Manor Born
After death of her husband Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell the family manor and move to much smaller house nearby. But what really makes her angry is that the manor was bought by rich owner of supermarket chain.
Trailer Park Boys tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
Trailer Park Boys
Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia is epicentre of crime in the area, mostly because of Julian and Ricky, small time criminals that grew up there and now try every possible way to get reach without putting too much effort in it.
Trevor’s World of Sport tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Trevor’s World of Sport
Trevor Heslop together with his best friend runs a sport agency and tries to deal with sometimes strange problems of his clients.
Two and a Half Men tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Two and a Half Men
After divorce Alan is forced to move to beach house of his irresponsible brother Charlie. But together with him his teenage son moves in, which changes lives of both of them.
Will & Grace tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Will & Grace
Will Truman is a gay lawyer and his best friend Grace Adler (a straight woman) runs her own interior design firm. The series concentrate on their relations.
Without Words tv comedy series 2000s Sitcoms
Without Words
Sketch-based series with Die Wochenshow star Bastian Pastewka as different characters, who do not get chance to speak.
Yes, Dear tv sitcom 2000s Sitcoms
Yes, Dear
Two sisters and their husbands live together in one property, which causes tensions since hardworking Greg has good job in film industry and has to find a minor job for laid back Jimmy and support his family while they live in the guest house.

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