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Agony tv comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Jane Lucas is an "agony aunt" in Person magazine, where she tries to solve other people problems, although her own life is far from being perfect.
All Gas and Gaiters tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
All Gas and Gaiters
In fictional St Ogg’s cathedral bishop Hever, his jolly friend the archdeacon and the young bishop’s chaplain deal with everyday problems and the one man they simply can’t stand - the dean of St Ogg’s.
All Gas and Gaiters radio comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
All Gas and Gaiters
Set in fictional St Ogg’s cathedral All Gas and Gaiters shows the life of bishop, his friend the archdeacon and the bishop’s chaplain as they try to deal with everyday problems and one man they simply can’t stand - the dean. Radio version of a popular TV show.
Are You Being Served? tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Are You Being Served?
Staff of Grace Brothers department store in London with their personal problems and their professional secrets.
Barney Miller tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Barney Miller
The detectives from 12th Precinct every day deal with unusual cases and unusual characters. They need all the good humour they can get just to keep them going through their shifts.
Beyond the Silver Screen radio comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Beyond the Silver Screen
Have you seen any good movies lately? Well, Jedrek certainly have. And he is willing to share the story with you... among other things.
Bless Me, Father tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Bless Me, Father
Young curate Father Neil arrives to St Jude’s parish, where veteran Father Duddleswell will show him the ropes of his new life, but soon realizes that his mentor has rather... practical approach to faith and church.
Carry On movie comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Carry On
One of the longest ever series of comedy films and parodies made by great set of actors. Each of the films is different story and different set of characters, but the light atmosphere and the dialogues filled with innuendos are the trademarks of Carry On series.
Come Back Mrs. Noah tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Come Back Mrs. Noah
A housewife, Gertrude Noah, while visiting a spaceship, accidentally ends up on the Earth’s orbit together with 4 other people, who don’t really belong there.
Dad’s Army tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Dad’s Army
During World War II Great Britain was forced to call up the civilians to form Local Defence Volunteers (later known as the Home Guard) - the formation that would backup the regular army in case of German invasion. This series show how this force looked like. More or less...
Don’t Drink the Water tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Don’t Drink the Water
Retired bus inspector, Cyril Blake, and his sister Dorothy, move to a sunny Spain. Their promised land turns out to be completely different from what they expected.
Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
Reginald Perrin is frustrated sales manager at Sunshine Desserts company runned by eccentric CJ. Perrin goes through a mid-life crisis and realises that suicide is the only solution. But finds out that there is another way...
Father, Dear Father tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Father, Dear Father
Renown crime novelist Patrick Glover finds it hard to cope with writing and taking care of his two young daughters, even though they are not that young anymore.
Fawlty Towers tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Fawlty Towers
Small hotel in Torquay runned by Basil Fawlty, who is unhappily married, hates his job, hates his customers and hates being in hotel business. Not to mention he does not know a single thing about consumer satisfaction.
George and Mildred tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
George and Mildred
George and Mildred Roper leave their old house and move in to more posh neighborhood. Their next door neighbor couldn’t dream about worst scenario.
Get Some In! tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Get Some In!
In 1955 new group of recruits arrive in Royal Air Force in Skelton to start their service. Here they meet the Corporal Marsh, who will make them regret they are alive.
Going Straight tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Going Straight
When Fletcher gets out of the prison he makes the decision to go straight from that point in life. He moves in with his daughter and tries to keep low profile, but each day he trips on the things from his past.
Growing Pains of PC Penrose tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Growing Pains of PC Penrose
PC Penrose joins the local police force in small town and gets under wings of Sergeant Flagg, who shows him the ropes. Soon young and naive Penrose learns that his job is more complicated than he thought.
Hogan’s Heroes tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Hogan’s Heroes
Colonel Hogan leads the prisoners in German camp during the II World War and do everything he can to spoil plans of German war machine. And he can do, surprisingly, a lot.
I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again radio comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again
Sketch based show featuring such talents as Tim Brooke-Taylor or John Cleese presenting parodies and sketches with style close to the At Last 1948 Show or sometimes even Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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