NewsRadio - the ill-fated gem of comedy

NewsRadio - one of the best, but unfortunately overlooked, gems of comedy. With great atmosphere, unique chemistry between actors it was candidate to be a hit, but as they say fate is a cruel mistress.

It takes only 5 characters to make any sitcom

Yes, exactly five characters that you have been watching in every sitcom but never realized that. You might think there were dozens or hundreds of characters in American sitcoms, but actually there were only five the whole time.

Boys will be boys

Learn about the conspiracy theory behind Danny DeVitos character Louie De Palma from Taxi.

What is the best comedy series in history?

Find the answer to question that was tormenting philosophers for centuries. Well, maybe not philosophers per se and not for centuries, but still it is a tough question to answer.

Is comedy dead?

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis - times change and we change with them as the ancient said, but is it true when it comes to comedy?

British comedy series vs American comedy series

The eternal fight between good and evil... I mean British and American sitcoms, both sides think their concept is superior, so let's take a hard look at the details without (much) prejudice...

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