2007 Sitcoms

30 Rock tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
30 Rock - Season 2
A look behind the production of fictional TV comedy program called TGS with Tracy Jordan, where life of writer and producer Liz Lemon is constant struggle between following her bosses whims and dealing with strong character of her cast.
According to Jim tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
According to Jim - Season 6
Chicago suburban family with Jim as a irresponsible father that keeps getting in trouble, Cheryl as a down-to-earth wife and their kids.
American Dad! tv comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
American Dad! - Season 3
Stan Smith is a CIA agent, but this does not mean he can’t be a good father and loving husband. It only means that he has an alien as lodger and from time to time he has to leave early to blow something up.
Benidorm tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Benidorm - Series 1
British tourists in Benidorm bring their problems with them to the sunny Spain, but leave with... completely different problems.
Big Bang Theory tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Big Bang Theory - Season 1
The lifes of four really geeky workers of university in Pasadena changes completely when they meet Penny, a actually normal girl. For them nothing is gonna be the same as before.
Californication tv comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
Californication - Season 1
Burned-out writer Hank Moody moves to California to gather material for next book and spend some time with his ex-wife and daughter. The long list of orgies mark his every step.
Chandon Pictures tv comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
Chandon Pictures - Season 1
Tom Chandon and his friends are dreaming about making great movies, but instead they are making wedding videos, last wills and even worse...
Corner Gas tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Corner Gas - Season 5
The life (or lack of such) that surrounds the gas station in fictional town Dog River, Saskatchewan, Canada. Attractive newcomer Lacey Burrows opens a diner and has to adapt to very slow and very quiet surroundings.
Curb Your Enthusiasm tv comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
Curb Your Enthusiasm - Season 6
Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld comedy series based on the events from his life, now shows how his life really looks like. More or less real life since most of the scenes were improvised by the actors.
Doc Martin tv comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
Doc Martin - Season 3
Doctor Martin Ellingham moves to a small town of Portwenn in Cornwall, where he used to spend his childhood. He meets his rather ecentric neighbours and patients, but the fact is he isn’t an average doctor either.
Everybody Hates Chris tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Everybody Hates Chris - Season 3
Series inspired by Chris Rock’s stories from his childhood spent in Brooklyn, New York. He finds it hard to cope with being the only black kid in whole school, his father that works hard all day, his domineering mother and the strange neighbours.
Family Guy tv comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
Family Guy - Season 6
Peter Griffin isn’t good father, isn’t good husband, isn’t good friend... which makes him a good character for comedy series. He is surrounded by unusual characters and gets involved in unusual situations.
Girlfriends tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Girlfriends - Season 8
Series centered around the lives of four African American women in Los Angeles.
Green Wing tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Green Wing - Green Wing Special
Dr. Caroline Todd is about to start a job in hospital, but everything goes wrong for her - she has to sleep in the car, all the people she meet treat her brusquely and she has doubts if she is in the right place. But her problems comparing to rest of the staff are actually quite trivial.
How I Met Your Mother tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
How I Met Your Mother - Season 3
Ted Mosby tells his kids the story how he met their mother, but he is tells it in very small bits - each week a different part of his past that inolves his best friends Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney.
Hut 33 radio comedy series 2007 Sitcoms
Hut 33 - Series 1
What did you do during the war, daddy? I was sitting in a hut, I can’t tell you where, I can’t tell you what I was doing, but it was vital for the war effort...
Hyperdrive tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Hyperdrive - Season 2
The crew of spaceship HMS Camden Lock is struggling on their mission to protect British interests in a changing galaxy. They travel from one solar system to another and spread the promotional materials about investing in Doncaster or Norwich.
IT Crowd tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
IT Crowd - Season 2
Two freaks from IT department of big company one day were put in awkward situation - newly appointed woman, who knows nothing about computers is put in charge of them. But that change can actually be blessing for them.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 3
Group of friends are running a greasy, runned-down bar in Philadelphia, but when they try to improve themselves or the bar, they get involved in surreal adventures.
Last of the Summer Wine tv sitcom 2007 Sitcoms
Last of the Summer Wine - Season 28
Three elderly men from Yorkshire wonder around their town, around the countryside and look for ways to kill some time and feel young again.
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