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Olsen Gang movie comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
Olsen Gang
Egon as safecracker, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time they try to be rich by breaking into safes by Franz Jaeger of Berlin or tricking the rich bankers.
Only Fools and Horses tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Only Fools and Horses
Del Trotter runs a family business called Trotters Independent Traders, but he tries to avoid any formalities, like licences, taxes or business ethics. The whole operation consists of a cluttered flat and Reliant Regal as the company van.
Only When I Laugh tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Only When I Laugh
Three hypochondriacs Roy Figgis, Norman Binns and Archie Glover are put together in same ward of NHS hospital, where they try hard to keep occupied while the doctors can figure out what is wrong with them.
Open All Hours tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Open All Hours
Small grocer’s shop on the corner of the street like many others in Yorkshire. The stingy owner, Arkwright, who sees costs everywhere, especially in his nephew Granville, who delivers the orders and demands to eat every day!
Pat & Mat tv comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
Pat & Mat
Two self-proclaimed handymen Pat and Mat really know what to do when it comes to DIY, but unfortunately they have no idea how to do it.
Police Academy movie comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
Police Academy
The misadventures of new cadets in Police Academy, those who volunteer to serve, as well as those who are there against their will.
Police Squad! tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Police Squad!
Detective Frank Drebin is one of the finest detectives in Police Squad - smart, dedicated and most of all completely unpredictable, just like the stories he gets involved in.
Radio Active radio comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
Radio Active
The Radio Active station offers all the "entertainment" you can take - from talk shows to live sport and from quiz shows to serious politics. Well, politics anyway...
Red Dwarf tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Red Dwarf
The last human being alive, the creture that evolved from his cat, hologram of other crew member and an android - all stuck aboard a ship called Red Dwarf drifting through empty space. And yes, this really is comedy series.
Rising Damp tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Rising Damp
The series centered around a stingy landlord Rigsby that tries to find out how low he can put the standards for his lodgers and get away with it. Young students Alan and Philip try to mess up with his mind to get even.
Robin’s Nest tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Robin’s Nest
Robin Tripp after leaving the Ropers’ house (Man About the House) shares a flat above the restaurant with his almost fiancee Victoria. Victoria’s father owns the restaurant, so Robin has a chance to open his own place.
Roseanne tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Roseanne is overweight, lough-mouthed, dominating mother that works in plastic factory and takes care of her husband and kids.
Sara tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Sara McKenna is lawyer in a San Francisco Legal Aid office where she meets unusual clients and... equally unusual colleagues.
Seinfeld tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Once called a show about nothing which is a good description of Seinfeld. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, his best friend George Costanza, ex-girlfriend Elaine Benes and weird neighbour Kramer - they all stumble upon unusual problems in their lives and unusual ways to deal with them.
Shift Drivers tv comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
Shift Drivers
Freak accident tangles the lives of Kasia and Jacek as they become partners in driving the taxi in Warsaw on odd shifts. But Jacek doesn’t realize that Kasia is a girl since she pretends to be a man to keep the job.
Sorry! tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
41-year-old librarian Timothy lives with his parents - a henpecked father and despotic mother, who still sees him as a little child. His every attempt to leave the house and start his own life is blocked by scheming of his mother.
Take a letter Mr Jones tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Take a letter Mr Jones
Graham Jones is devoted male personal secretary of Joan Warner, a top business executive, who struggle to keep the balance between motherhood and her career.
Taxi tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
The lives of few New York cabbies and their scheaming dispatcher - for them every night could be dangerous, but also chance to earn some good money. We see them waiting in the garage for their cabs, following their dreams, helping each other.
Teddy Bear movie comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
Teddy Bear
Ryszard Ochodzki is a president of a sport club, but he uses his influences and his powerful mind for one purpose only - for his personal gain. When he has a chance to gain some money he puts all his skills into work.
The Benny Hill Show tv comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
The Benny Hill Show
The show built around Benny Hill, who for almost 20 years became one of the most recognizable comedians from Great Britain. Simple, sometimes childish, usually politically incorrect and universally funny.

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