1980 Sitcoms

Airplane! movie comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
Airplane! - Airplane!
Parodies of popular catastrophic movies of the 1970s - washed-out former airforce pilot tries to save his relationship with stewardess Elaine and climbs aboard the passenger plane. Later it will turn out that his pilot skills will be invaluable.
Barney Miller tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Barney Miller - Season 7
The detectives from 12th Precinct every day deal with unusual cases and unusual characters. They need all the good humour they can get just to keep them going through their shifts.
Cowboys tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Cowboys - Series 1
Joe Jones, former car salesman, moves into the building industry and he finds best people to work with. Well, one anyway... Sort of.
George and Mildred tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
George and Mildred - George and Mildred Movie
George and Mildred Roper leave their old house and move in to more posh neighborhood. Their next door neighbor couldn’t dream about worst scenario.
Hi-De-Hi tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Hi-De-Hi - Series 1
Archeology professor becomes an entertainment manager in Maplins holiday camp and soon becomes an icon for expression "fish out of the water".
It Ain’t Half Hot Mum tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
It Ain’t Half Hot Mum - Season 7
The soldiers from Royal Artillery Depot Concert Party at Deolali, India in 1945 have to face problems like Japanese threat, the heat, the revolt of locals, but what scares them most is their Sergeant-Major Williams.
MASH tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
MASH - Season 9
The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.
Men from the Ministry radio comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
Men from the Ministry - 14th Series
Fictional General Assistance Department was created to help other ministries with often trivial problems. Incompetent civil servants that are running it get into trouble everytime they try to do their job. But most of the time they just try to look like they are doing any job.
Morecambe and Wise Show tv comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
Morecambe and Wise Show - Season 11
Morecambe and Wise show with sketches mixed between songs and guest stars taking part in unusually bad plays written by Ernie Wise.
Northern Exposure tv comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
Northern Exposure - Season 3
A newly graduated doctor is offered a highly paid contract to set up his practice in Cicely. Soon he finds out that it’s Cicely, Alaska. After arrival he learns something else - it is not an ordinary town.
Not the Nine O’Clock News tv comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
Not the Nine O’Clock News - Season 2
Sketch show with cast full of stars - Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.
Not the Nine O’Clock News tv comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
Not the Nine O’Clock News - Season 3
Sketch show with cast full of stars - Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.
Only When I Laugh tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Only When I Laugh - Series 2
Three hypochondriacs Roy Figgis, Norman Binns and Archie Glover are put together in same ward of NHS hospital, where they try hard to keep occupied while the doctors can figure out what is wrong with them.
Rising Damp tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Rising Damp - Rising Damp The Movie
The series centered around a stingy landlord Rigsby that tries to find out how low he can put the standards for his lodgers and get away with it. Young students Alan and Philip try to mess up with his mind to get even.
Robin’s Nest tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Robin’s Nest - Series 5
Robin Tripp after leaving the Ropers’ house (Man About the House) shares a flat above the restaurant with his almost fiancee Victoria. Victoria’s father owns the restaurant, so Robin has a chance to open his own place.
Taxi tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Taxi - Season 3
The lives of few New York cabbies and their scheaming dispatcher - for them every night could be dangerous, but also chance to earn some good money. We see them waiting in the garage for their cabs, following their dreams, helping each other.
The Benny Hill Show tv comedy series 1980 Sitcoms
The Benny Hill Show - Season 11
The show built around Benny Hill, who for almost 20 years became one of the most recognizable comedians from Great Britain. Simple, sometimes childish, usually politically incorrect and universally funny.
To The Manor Born tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
To The Manor Born - Season 2
After death of her husband Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell the family manor and move to much smaller house nearby. But what really makes her angry is that the manor was bought by rich owner of supermarket chain.
Yes Minister tv sitcom 1980 Sitcoms
Yes Minister - Series 1
Minor politician Jim Hacker becomes the Minister of Administrative Affairs and starts his struggle with bureaucracy within ministry and Civil Service.
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