1984 Sitcoms

Alas Smith and Jones tv comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
Alas Smith and Jones - Season 1
Sketch-based series of pair of comedians, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones, that teamed up after Not the Nine O’Clock News and kept working together for next over 20 years.
Anything Legal radio comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
Anything Legal - Season 1
Two city gentlemen are made redundant and come up with idea that could change their lives.
’Allo ’Allo! tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
’Allo ’Allo! - Season 1
During World War 2 French cafe owner Rene Artois reluctantly gets involved into Resistance affairs, which brings him nothing but the trouble. Not to mention his wife could any day find out about his affairs with the waitresses...
Bottle Boys tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
Bottle Boys - Series 1
The staff of Dawson’s Dairies delivers the milk to the suburban part of London, but milk is hardly their most important topic during conversations in canteen.
Cheers tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
Cheers - Season 3
Old bar in Boston called Cheers is runned by former professional baseball player Sam Malone with help of his old coach. His new waitress, Diane, have to get used to the atmosphere of that place - all the regular customers spend their evenings there talking about every unimportant thing in the world.
Don’t Wait Up tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
Don’t Wait Up - Season 2
Two doctors Latimer - father and son - have problems with their spouses, which leads them to share a flat, which causes a lot of tension since they have completely different approach to many things.
Duty Free tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
Duty Free - Series 1
David Pearce lost his job and decided to spend the severance pay on holiday in Marbella for him and his wife Amy. In the hotel they meet another couple from Britain, which leads to tensions.
Ghostbusters movie comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
Ghostbusters - Ghostbusters
Three eccentric scientists are sacked from their jobs at the university, so they decide to go private with their research into the ghost stories. When New York City is being invaded by thousands of ghosts of any kind... who you gonna call?
Hi-De-Hi tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
Hi-De-Hi - Series 6
Archeology professor becomes an entertainment manager in Maplins holiday camp and soon becomes an icon for expression "fish out of the water".
Night Court tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
Night Court - Season 1
One night the court in Manhattan gains a new judge, Harold T. Stone, who turns out to be not an ordinary judge - huge fan of Mel Torme and childish pranks, he prefers to follow his heart than the letter of the law.
Pat & Mat tv comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
Pat & Mat - Season 4
Two self-proclaimed handymen Pat and Mat really know what to do when it comes to DIY, but unfortunately they have no idea how to do it.
Police Academy movie comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
Police Academy - Police Academy
The misadventures of new cadets in Police Academy, those who volunteer to serve, as well as those who are there against their will.
Radio Active radio comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
Radio Active - Series 4
The Radio Active station offers all the "entertainment" you can take - from talk shows to live sport and from quiz shows to serious politics. Well, politics anyway...
The Benny Hill Show tv comedy series 1984 Sitcoms
The Benny Hill Show - Season 15
The show built around Benny Hill, who for almost 20 years became one of the most recognizable comedians from Great Britain. Simple, sometimes childish, usually politically incorrect and universally funny.
The Cosby Show tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
The Cosby Show - Season 1
The family of obstetrician Heathcliff Huxtable gives him more headaches than any of his patients - teenage daughters and a son, not to mention his bossy wife, who is a lawyer.
The Steam Video Company tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
The Steam Video Company - Season 1
TV series presenting parodies of well known stories, but usually with a little twist... or sometimes a huge twist.
The Young Ones tv sitcom 1984 Sitcoms
The Young Ones - Season 2
Four completely different university students share a house and constantly get involved in surreal stories with plenty of violent slapstick.
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