1980s Sitcoms

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The Cosby Show tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
The Cosby Show
The family of obstetrician Heathcliff Huxtable gives him more headaches than any of his patients - teenage daughters and a son, not to mention his bossy wife, who is a lawyer.
The New Statesman tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
The New Statesman
Alan B’Stard becomes new Conservative Member of the Parliament and his name is actually a giveaway - he has no morals, no scruples, no conscience, which makes him perfect for the job. At least that’s what he thinks.
The Simpsons tv comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
The Simpsons
The Simpsons - average family in an average American city of Springfield, living not at all average life.
The Steam Video Company tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
The Steam Video Company
TV series presenting parodies of well known stories, but usually with a little twist... or sometimes a huge twist.
The Young Ones tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
The Young Ones
Four completely different university students share a house and constantly get involved in surreal stories with plenty of violent slapstick.
Then Churchill Said to Me tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Then Churchill Said to Me
Private Percy Potts plays a unimportant part in the most important place in whole Britain during World War 2 - the underground bunker of Winston Churchill.
This Is David Lander tv comedy series 1980s Sitcoms
This Is David Lander
David Lander is an investigative journalist always following interesting scandals, but not always with good results.
To The Manor Born tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
To The Manor Born
After death of her husband Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell the family manor and move to much smaller house nearby. But what really makes her angry is that the manor was bought by rich owner of supermarket chain.
Whoops Apocalypse tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Whoops Apocalypse
Shah of Iran had to flee his country and seeks refuge in Europe. Americans and Soviets see this as opportunity to put their cunning plans into action. Their plots can start the nuclear war.
Yes Minister tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Yes Minister
Minor politician Jim Hacker becomes the Minister of Administrative Affairs and starts his struggle with bureaucracy within ministry and Civil Service.
Yes Prime Minister tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
Yes Prime Minister
Due to some extraordinary coincidences Jim Hacker finds himself in position to become a new Prime Minister and moves up from ministry to diplomacy.
You Rang, M’Lord? tv sitcom 1980s Sitcoms
You Rang, M’Lord?
Life in the 1920s wasn’t in any way simplier than ours - take a look at th Lord Meldrum household, his family and his staff. In this house every day is full of surprises.

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