Grounded for Life

2000s tv sitcom

Grounded for Life tv sitcom 2005
Grounded for Life tv sitcom 2005
Grounded for Life tv sitcom 2005

Sean and Claudia Finnerty got married pretty young, due to unexpected pregnancy. Now, three kids later, they still struggle to cope with everyday problems.


Grounded for Life comedy series6.4

Series creators

Bill MartinMike Schiff


2001 - 2005


United States


23 minutes per episode



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Episode titles

All of the episode are titled after songs or are song titles references, f.e. Smoke on the Daughter it taken from Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, Jimmy’s Got a Gun is taken from Janie’s Got a Gun by Aerosmith.

Seasons of Grounded for Life

2001 Season 1
2002 Season 2
2003 Season 3
2004 Season 4
2005 Season 5

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 Grounded for Life

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