Beyond the Silver Screen

1970s Polish radio comedy series

Beyond the Silver Screen radio comedy series 1981
Beyond the Silver Screen radio comedy series 1981
Beyond the Silver Screen radio comedy series 1981

Have you seen any good movies lately? Well, Jedrek certainly have. And he is willing to share the story with you... among other things.


Beyond the Silver Screen comedy series6.0

Series creators

Andrzej Zaorski


1974 - 1981



Original title

Parament Pikczers, czyli Kulisy Srebrnego Ekranu


9 minutes per episode



Series tags


Beyond the Silver Screen trivia

Title pun

The original Polish title (Parament Pikczers) was a pun that is sometimes interpreted as suggestion that Maniek and Jedrek were sort-of bums, who perhaps met while drinking beer. Nothing in their stories or dialogues actually supports that suggestion, but still it is a popular idea.


Just like many other radio programs Beyond the Silver Screen went on a hiatus in December 1981, when martial law was introduced in Poland due to fall of communist government. The special Return to Eden episode published in 1986 opening referred to the fact that Jedrek and Maniek are meeting for the first time in few years, and their private stories cover what they were doing since last time they spoke.

Seasons of Beyond the Silver Screen

1974 60 minutes per hour
1986 Return to Eden Special

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