1979 Sitcoms

Agony tv comedy series 1979 Sitcoms
Agony - Series 1
Jane Lucas is an "agony aunt" in Person magazine, where she tries to solve other people problems, although her own life is far from being perfect.
Are You Being Served? tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Are You Being Served? - Season 7
Staff of Grace Brothers department store in London with their personal problems and their professional secrets.
Barney Miller tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Barney Miller - Season 6
The detectives from 12th Precinct every day deal with unusual cases and unusual characters. They need all the good humour they can get just to keep them going through their shifts.
Bless Me, Father tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Bless Me, Father - Series 2
Young curate Father Neil arrives to St Jude’s parish, where veteran Father Duddleswell will show him the ropes of his new life, but soon realizes that his mentor has rather... practical approach to faith and church.
Fawlty Towers tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Fawlty Towers - Season 2
Small hotel in Torquay runned by Basil Fawlty, who is unhappily married, hates his job, hates his customers and hates being in hotel business. Not to mention he does not know a single thing about consumer satisfaction.
George and Mildred tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
George and Mildred - Season 5
George and Mildred Roper leave their old house and move in to more posh neighborhood. Their next door neighbor couldn’t dream about worst scenario.
Last of the Summer Wine tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Last of the Summer Wine - Season 5
Three elderly men from Yorkshire wonder around their town, around the countryside and look for ways to kill some time and feel young again.
MASH tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
MASH - Season 8
The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.
Mind Your Language tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Mind Your Language - Season 3
English tutor takes up group of imigrants on "English for foreigners" course, but his naive enthusiasm quickly fades away when he realizes what problems he will have to face.
Northern Exposure tv comedy series 1979 Sitcoms
Northern Exposure - Season 2
A newly graduated doctor is offered a highly paid contract to set up his practice in Cicely. Soon he finds out that it’s Cicely, Alaska. After arrival he learns something else - it is not an ordinary town.
Not the Nine O’Clock News tv comedy series 1979 Sitcoms
Not the Nine O’Clock News - Season 1
Sketch show with cast full of stars - Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.
Olsen Gang movie comedy series 1979 Sitcoms
Olsen Gang - The Olsen Gang Never Surrenders
Egon as safecracker, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time they try to be rich by breaking into safes by Franz Jaeger of Berlin or tricking the rich bankers.
Only When I Laugh tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Only When I Laugh - Series 1
Three hypochondriacs Roy Figgis, Norman Binns and Archie Glover are put together in same ward of NHS hospital, where they try hard to keep occupied while the doctors can figure out what is wrong with them.
Pat & Mat tv comedy series 1979 Sitcoms
Pat & Mat - Season 1
Two self-proclaimed handymen Pat and Mat really know what to do when it comes to DIY, but unfortunately they have no idea how to do it.
Porridge tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Porridge - Porridge, the film
Young Lennie Godber is sent to Slade Prison for breaking and entering. He is lucky enough to share cell with Norman Fletcher, veteran and father-figure, who can show him the ropes.
Ripping Yarns tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Ripping Yarns - Season 2
Set of 1930s style stories created by Michael Palin and Terry Jones. Each of them presents different characters and different events, but there are certain similarites - every one of them is a ripping yarn.
Robin’s Nest tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Robin’s Nest - Series 4
Robin Tripp after leaving the Ropers’ house (Man About the House) shares a flat above the restaurant with his almost fiancee Victoria. Victoria’s father owns the restaurant, so Robin has a chance to open his own place.
Taxi tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
Taxi - Season 2
The lives of few New York cabbies and their scheaming dispatcher - for them every night could be dangerous, but also chance to earn some good money. We see them waiting in the garage for their cabs, following their dreams, helping each other.
The Benny Hill Show tv comedy series 1979 Sitcoms
The Benny Hill Show - Season 10
The show built around Benny Hill, who for almost 20 years became one of the most recognizable comedians from Great Britain. Simple, sometimes childish, usually politically incorrect and universally funny.
To The Manor Born tv sitcom 1979 Sitcoms
To The Manor Born - Season 1
After death of her husband Audrey fforbes-Hamilton is forced to sell the family manor and move to much smaller house nearby. But what really makes her angry is that the manor was bought by rich owner of supermarket chain.
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