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Love Thy Neighbour tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Love Thy Neighbour
The life of suburban family is about to change completely when new neighbours move in next door. Especially Eddie is not so keen to have black neighbours.
Man About the House tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Man About the House
Two female flatmates, Chrissy and Jo, agrees to share their flat with a student chef Robin as long as he promises to cook for them and keep his hands to himself, which isn’t easy for him, at least the second part.
MASH tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.
Men from the Ministry radio comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Men from the Ministry
Fictional General Assistance Department was created to help other ministries with often trivial problems. Incompetent civil servants that are running it get into trouble everytime they try to do their job. But most of the time they just try to look like they are doing any job.
Mind Your Language tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Mind Your Language
English tutor takes up group of imigrants on "English for foreigners" course, but his naive enthusiasm quickly fades away when he realizes what problems he will have to face.
Monty Python’s Flying Circus tv comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Legendery sketch show created by group of British comedians - surreal stories, unique characters and complete lack of respect for anything sacred.
Morecambe and Wise Show tv comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Morecambe and Wise Show
Morecambe and Wise show with sketches mixed between songs and guest stars taking part in unusually bad plays written by Ernie Wise.
Navy Lark radio comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Navy Lark
Radio show about misadventures of Royal Navy crew aboard HMS Troutbridge frigate that would do almost anything to avoid work.
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
Two tailors run the business together - Manny Cohen is Jewish and Patrick Kelly is Irish catholic. They do not allow their religion get in the way of good argument.
Not the Nine O’Clock News tv comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Not the Nine O’Clock News
Sketch show with cast full of stars - Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.
Odd Man Out tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Odd Man Out
Neville Sutcliffe, a camp owner of a Blackpool chip shop, inherits a candy rock factory in Littlehampton and also learns that he has a step-sister.
Oh, Brother! tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Oh, Brother!
Brother Dominic is a kind and well-meaning man, who just keeps having the accidents. The monastery he belongs to had to create a special fund to cover the expenses of fixing all the thing that get broken.
Oh, Father! tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Oh, Father!
Accident prone Father Dominic leaves the walls of a monastery to become a catholic priest in a small parish. Father Harris welcomes his new curate with hope in his heart, but it won’t last long.
Olsen Gang movie comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Olsen Gang
Egon as safecracker, Benny as driver and Kjeld as... Kjeld, time after time they try to be rich by breaking into safes by Franz Jaeger of Berlin or tricking the rich bankers.
On the Buses tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
On the Buses
Stan Butler works as a bus driver with his friend Jack Harper as his conductor. They know all the tricks and all the gimmicks to avoid actual work and only look like theydo their job. But ill-tempered inspector Blake is determined to catch them.
Only When I Laugh tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Only When I Laugh
Three hypochondriacs Roy Figgis, Norman Binns and Archie Glover are put together in same ward of NHS hospital, where they try hard to keep occupied while the doctors can figure out what is wrong with them.
Open All Hours tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Open All Hours
Small grocer’s shop on the corner of the street like many others in Yorkshire. The stingy owner, Arkwright, who sees costs everywhere, especially in his nephew Granville, who delivers the orders and demands to eat every day!
Parsley Sidings radio comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Parsley Sidings
Small train station Parsley Sidings is managed by pompous Horace Hepplewhite, who is helped by his not very bright son and few employees he really can’t rely on.
Pat & Mat tv comedy series 1970s Sitcoms
Pat & Mat
Two self-proclaimed handymen Pat and Mat really know what to do when it comes to DIY, but unfortunately they have no idea how to do it.
Porridge tv sitcom 1970s Sitcoms
Young Lennie Godber is sent to Slade Prison for breaking and entering. He is lucky enough to share cell with Norman Fletcher, veteran and father-figure, who can show him the ropes.

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