1998 Sitcoms

2point4 Children tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
2point4 Children - Season 7
The Porter family, typical suburban family from London, their everyday problems... and not everyday solutions to them.
Alas Smith and Jones tv comedy series 1998 Sitcoms
Alas Smith and Jones - Season 10
Sketch-based series of pair of comedians, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones, that teamed up after Not the Nine O’Clock News and kept working together for next over 20 years.
Ask Harriet tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Ask Harriet - Season 1
Sexist sports journalist Jack Cody has problems finding a job and he is more and more desperate since he has a daughter to think of. He finds a way to keep working, but it would mean to disguise himself as a woman and write the realtionships advice column.
Becker tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Becker - Season 1
John Becker is brilliant doctor, who runs a small practice in Bronx and has just one flaw - he hates people. Not all of them, just those stupid, ignorant, those wasting his time, those taking his parking space, those who do not agree with him... Well, the list is long.
Big Train tv comedy series 1998 Sitcoms
Big Train - Series 1
Sketch show presenting the every day situations twisted with absurdal humour.
Brother’s Keeper tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Brother’s Keeper - Season 1
Single father Porter Waide is a historian and lecturer in San Francisco. He raises his young son Oscar to be just like him - honest, dependable and a bit boring. This changes when his rich, irresponsible pro-footballer brother moves in.
Caroline in the City tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Caroline in the City - Season 4
Successful New York cartoonist Caroline Duffy, author of comic strip called Caroline in the City, hires an uptight artists Richard as the colorist. With her midwest approach she just can’t help trying to change his cynical mind.
Cybill tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Cybill - Season 4
Cybill Sheridan, once popular actress, with age has been reduced TV commercials or small parts in B-movies just to earn some money. Her rebellious teenage daughter and ex-husbands don’t really make it easy for her.
Dharma & Greg tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Dharma & Greg - Season 2
Dharma, a daughter of hippie couple that was raised in rather unusual way, and Greg, uptight lawyer and beloved son of upper-class parents. Those two decided to get married after very brief relationship even though they have virtually nothing in common.
Die Wochenshow tv comedy series 1998 Sitcoms
Die Wochenshow - Season 3
Who would guess that Germans have sense of humour? And who would guess that they have great sense of humour? Group of comedians each week prepared sketches that were parodies of tv programs, but also made fun of politicians and current events.
Dinnerladies tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Dinnerladies - Season 1
Women working in factory canteen somewhere in Manchester have plenty of time to talk while they prepare the meals and they have a lot to talk about - each of them have personal problems to deal with.
Drew Carey Show tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Drew Carey Show - Season 4
Crew haircut, thick glasses and thick figure - that’s Drew Carey, an assistant director of personnel in a Cleveland department store. Frustrated with his job he can always count on his friends.
Drop the Dead Donkey tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Drop the Dead Donkey - Season 6
TV news station GlobeLink News is taken over by new owner, who puts Gus Hedges as head of the station to oversee the whole operation. The journalists have of course total freedom... as long as they follow certain guidelines.
Everybody Loves Raymond tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 3
Series based on stand-up comedy by Ray Romano. He plays a sport journalist, who leaves his wife to deal with their kids and the his invasive mother that lives just across the street.
Father Ted tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Father Ted - Season 3
Father Ted Crilly takes over the parish on secluded Craggy Island near Ireland. The parish is far from what he had expected - he has a dimwitted young priest Father Dougal and always drunk old Father Jack to help him.
Frasier tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Frasier - Season 6
Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his home town, Seattle, and he takes job as a radio psychiatrist. But that’s not the only change in his life - he also has to take care of his father, former policeman, who shouldn’t live alone.
Friends tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Friends - Season 5
School time friends begin to live together in two flats in New York City, but their emotions from the past begin to affect their present love and career choices.
Gogs tv comedy series 1998 Sitcoms
Gogs - Gogwana
Long, long time ago, when dinosaurs rules the world a group of our predecessors fought to survive in the unfriendly environment.
Goodnight Sweetheart tv sitcom 1998 Sitcoms
Goodnight Sweetheart - Season 5
Gary Sparrow, the TV repairman living with his wife in London in the 1990s accidentally finds the portal that would allow him to move in time to 1940s London and back. The war was still on, German bombers was flying over the city, but Gary found the reason to keep visiting the past - barmaid Phoebe.
Hale and Pace tv comedy series 1998 Sitcoms
Hale and Pace - Season 10
Another of the great British comedy duos - Gareth Hale and Norman Pace - kept their show for 10 years and still they decided to stop, which is remarkable for sketch-based show.
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