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Ladies Man tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Ladies Man
Jimmy Stiles is a carpenter working from home, but his personal life keeps getting in the way of his work.
Last of the Summer Wine tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Last of the Summer Wine
Three elderly men from Yorkshire wonder around their town, around the countryside and look for ways to kill some time and feel young again.
Lateline tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Late night news show Lateline uses talents of the best people in the profession to deliver the latest news. But when you take a peek to the other side of the cameras...
Legacy of Reginald Perrin tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Legacy of Reginald Perrin
After unfortunate death of Reginald Perrin his family and friends find out that he left them a lot of money, but to inherit the money they have to do something absurd.
Less Than Perfect tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Less Than Perfect
Life in the offices of television station isn’t what it would seem. Claude Casey becomes an assistant for the news anchorman Will Butler, which is not an easy job, especially when you have to deal with strange requests and mean colleagues.
Life of Riley tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Life of Riley
Newly married couple Maddy and Jim start their life together together with their children from previous relationships.
Likely Lads tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Likely Lads
Terry and Bob share a flat, but also they share their hobby - girls. Not that they are particularly good at picking up women...
Little Britain tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Little Britain
Sketch comedy show based on a two main actors Matt Lucas and David Walliams using various costumes and makeup to show the stereotypes within British society or to mock the taboo themes.
Little Britain USA tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Little Britain USA
Short lived programme extending the Little Britain sketch show for the American market - some characters seen before, some new characters and as usual no stopping at controversial themes.
Living with Fran tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Living with Fran
A mother of two ends up falling in love with a man half her age and not much older than her son, which leads to problems.
Love Inc tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Love Inc
Clea is running a dating consulting agency that helps single people finding their dream partners or to overcome their fears linked with dating, but she could use some help with her own life.
Love Thy Neighbour tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Love Thy Neighbour
The life of suburban family is about to change completely when new neighbours move in next door. Especially Eddie is not so keen to have black neighbours.
Lucky Louie tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Lucky Louie
Louie is typical average American with uninteresting job, empty bank account and family that drives him crazy.
Malcolm in the Middle tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Malcolm in the Middle
Malcolm and his unusual family: temperamental mother, goofy father, one bullying brother and always-a-victim the other. Not to mention the eldest brother, that had to be sent to military school for his misbehaviour.
Man About the House tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Man About the House
Two female flatmates, Chrissy and Jo, agrees to share their flat with a student chef Robin as long as he promises to cook for them and keep his hands to himself, which isn’t easy for him, at least the second part.
Man vs. Bee tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Man vs. Bee
Trevor Bingley, a divorced man down on his luck, gets a chance to start a new job as a house sitter for rich couple, which did not ends well.
Married with Children tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Married with Children
Bundy family isn’t an ordinary American family... Or is it? Al works hard in the shoe store, his wife Peg spends all his money, his dim-witted daughter Kelly is just pregnancy waiting to happen and his teenage son Bud is smart, but rather awkward.
MASH tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.
Melba tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Melba Patterson, a divorced mother of one, feels like her dating days are over, so she tries to manage her private life and her job as director of Manhattan Visitors Center.
Melissa & Joey tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Melissa & Joey
Mel Burke, local councilwoman, has to take care of her niece and nephew after their mother was arrested for money laundering. Since she already has a lot on her mind she hires Joey, who also was affected by the scandal, to be her live-in nanny for the kids.

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