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Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width
Two tailors run the business together - Manny Cohen is Jewish and Patrick Kelly is Irish catholic. They do not allow their religion get in the way of good argument.
New Adventures of Old Christine tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
New Adventures of Old Christine
When her ex-husband remarries (also to girl named Christine) divorced single mom Christine finds her own ways to took control over her life. Not the best ways though.
New Girl tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
New Girl
Jess shares a flat with 3 friends... male friends to be exact, which leads to some awkward situations and unusual friendships.
NewsRadio tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
New York radio station WNYX has everything that is needed to be successful - devoted employees, manager full of ideas and stinking rich owner Jimmy James. Unfortunately employees compete with each other, manager lacks experience and the owner is... eccentric to say the least.
Night Court tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Night Court
One night the court in Manhattan gains a new judge, Harold T. Stone, who turns out to be not an ordinary judge - huge fan of Mel Torme and childish pranks, he prefers to follow his heart than the letter of the law.
Nightingales tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Three night security guards in office building - Carter, Bell and Sarge - have one of the dullest jobs there are, but each night something extraordinary happens to them.
Northern Exposure tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Northern Exposure
A newly graduated doctor is offered a highly paid contract to set up his practice in Cicely. Soon he finds out that it’s Cicely, Alaska. After arrival he learns something else - it is not an ordinary town.
Not Going Out tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Not Going Out
Lee is not very ambitious man, but he is lucky enough to share apartment with woman, who don’t mind his laziness.
Not the Nine O’Clock News tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Not the Nine O’Clock News
Sketch show with cast full of stars - Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones.
Odd Man Out tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Odd Man Out
Neville Sutcliffe, a camp owner of a Blackpool chip shop, inherits a candy rock factory in Littlehampton and also learns that he has a step-sister.
Off the Stretcher tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Off the Stretcher
Misadventures of staff in really, really bad hospital. From incompetent surgeons down to dim-witted nurses and hazardous equipment.
Oh Doctor Beeching! tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Oh Doctor Beeching!
In 1963 Doctor Beeching, as new head of British Railways, decided to close a lot of railroad lines which has affected the lifes of Hatley station staff. When new manager arrives they still are not sure if they have future with the railways.
Oh, Brother! tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Oh, Brother!
Brother Dominic is a kind and well-meaning man, who just keeps having the accidents. The monastery he belongs to had to create a special fund to cover the expenses of fixing all the thing that get broken.
Oh, Father! tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Oh, Father!
Accident prone Father Dominic leaves the walls of a monastery to become a catholic priest in a small parish. Father Harris welcomes his new curate with hope in his heart, but it won’t last long.
On the Buses tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
On the Buses
Stan Butler works as a bus driver with his friend Jack Harper as his conductor. They know all the tricks and all the gimmicks to avoid actual work and only look like theydo their job. But ill-tempered inspector Blake is determined to catch them.
Only Fools and Horses tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Only Fools and Horses
Del Trotter runs a family business called Trotters Independent Traders, but he tries to avoid any formalities, like licences, taxes or business ethics. The whole operation consists of a cluttered flat and Reliant Regal as the company van.
Only When I Laugh tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Only When I Laugh
Three hypochondriacs Roy Figgis, Norman Binns and Archie Glover are put together in same ward of NHS hospital, where they try hard to keep occupied while the doctors can figure out what is wrong with them.
Open All Hours tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Open All Hours
Small grocer’s shop on the corner of the street like many others in Yorkshire. The stingy owner, Arkwright, who sees costs everywhere, especially in his nephew Granville, who delivers the orders and demands to eat every day!
Operation Good Guys tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Operation Good Guys
Operation Good Guys is secret branch of police that takes care of... Well, they did not figured out yet what is their purpose.
Our Flag Means Death tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Our Flag Means Death
Land owner Stede Bonnet abandons his family to fulfill his dream of becoming a pirate. He gathers a crew of misfits and sets sails for the adventure.

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