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Dream On tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Dream On
Martin Tupper works as editor for company that publishes cheap and sleazy books. His ex-wife married a man far beyond the point of being perfect. His secretary is lazy and has no respect for him. Since his life is in a mess Martin dives into the world of dating again and meets dozens of strange women.
Drew Carey Show tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Drew Carey Show
Crew haircut, thick glasses and thick figure - that’s Drew Carey, an assistant director of personnel in a Cleveland department store. Frustrated with his job he can always count on his friends.
Drop the Dead Donkey tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Drop the Dead Donkey
TV news station GlobeLink News is taken over by new owner, who puts Gus Hedges as head of the station to oversee the whole operation. The journalists have of course total freedom... as long as they follow certain guidelines.
Duty Free tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Duty Free
David Pearce lost his job and decided to spend the severance pay on holiday in Marbella for him and his wife Amy. In the hotel they meet another couple from Britain, which leads to tensions.
Dweebs tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Computer genius Warren Mosbey finally moves his company from his garage to an office building and hires Carey as office manager. A woman in their company is quite a shock, especially since all his employee are socially inept men.
Ed tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Ed Stevens, a lawyer in New York City firm, after finding his wife in bed with mailman decides to change his lie. He moves back to his hometown - Stuckeyville - and opens his own legal practice in bowling alley that he bought.
Everybody Hates Chris tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Everybody Hates Chris
Series inspired by Chris Rock’s stories from his childhood spent in Brooklyn, New York. He finds it hard to cope with being the only black kid in whole school, his father that works hard all day, his domineering mother and the strange neighbours.
Everybody Loves Raymond tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Everybody Loves Raymond
Series based on stand-up comedy by Ray Romano. He plays a sport journalist, who leaves his wife to deal with their kids and the his invasive mother that lives just across the street.
Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
Reginald Perrin is frustrated sales manager at Sunshine Desserts company runned by eccentric CJ. Perrin goes through a mid-life crisis and realises that suicide is the only solution. But finds out that there is another way...
Family Guy tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Family Guy
Peter Griffin isn’t good father, isn’t good husband, isn’t good friend... which makes him a good character for comedy series. He is surrounded by unusual characters and gets involved in unusual situations.
Fast Show tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Fast Show
Sketch-based series created by group of British comedians lead by Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse.
Father Ted tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Father Ted
Father Ted Crilly takes over the parish on secluded Craggy Island near Ireland. The parish is far from what he had expected - he has a dimwitted young priest Father Dougal and always drunk old Father Jack to help him.
Father, Dear Father tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Father, Dear Father
Renown crime novelist Patrick Glover finds it hard to cope with writing and taking care of his two young daughters, even though they are not that young anymore.
Fawlty Towers tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Fawlty Towers
Small hotel in Torquay runned by Basil Fawlty, who is unhappily married, hates his job, hates his customers and hates being in hotel business. Not to mention he does not know a single thing about consumer satisfaction.
Fiddlers Three tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Fiddlers Three
Ralph works in a small office and feels frustrated about his job, overdemanding boss J.J., dodgy friend Harvey and inapt subordinate Osbourne.
Fractured Flickers tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Fractured Flickers
What would you get by mixing a silent movie with audio track, but audio track from completely different story? You would get a fractured flicker...
Frasier tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his home town, Seattle, and he takes job as a radio psychiatrist. But that’s not the only change in his life - he also has to take care of his father, former policeman, who shouldn’t live alone.
Friends tv sitcom TV Sitcoms
School time friends begin to live together in two flats in New York City, but their emotions from the past begin to affect their present love and career choices.
Futurama tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Pizza delivery boy Philip J. Fry was accidentally frozen in cryogenic pod for 1000 years and in year 3000 he comes back to see the completely different face of the Earth.
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace tv comedy series TV Sitcoms
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace
Garth Marenghi, the horror pulp books author, presents the highlight of his career - the TV series called Darkplace in which he played the main character. Together with his producer and one of the actors he recalls that groundbreaking show.

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