2013 Sitcoms

2 Broke Girls tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
2 Broke Girls - Season 3
Two young women waitressing at diner, street-smart Max and daughter of arrested millionaire Caroline, team up to open their own cupcake business if they raise enough money.
Anger Management tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Anger Management - Season 2
Former baseball player is running anger management counseling, but he also has the same problem as his patients.
Archer tv comedy series 2013 Sitcoms
Archer - Season 4
Sterling Archer is a super spy. At least in his mind, in reality he is immature womanizer with drinking problem. But what can you expect - his mother is his boss and his codename is Duchess.
Bad Education tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Bad Education - Series 2
Alfie Wickers is a teacher in Abbey Grove School in Watford, but the problem is he is more immature than his students.
Big Bang Theory tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Big Bang Theory - Season 7
The lifes of four really geeky workers of university in Pasadena changes completely when they meet Penny, a actually normal girl. For them nothing is gonna be the same as before.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 1
The detectives from Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct have their own ways of conducting investigations and usually they are not the most obvious ones. Their new boss, first ever black gay to become a captain, tries to get them in shape.
Cabin Pressure radio comedy series 2013 Sitcoms
Cabin Pressure - Series 4
MJN Air is a small charter airline that will travel anywhere and will carry anything with equal professionalism and dedication. Well, dedication anyway...
Cabin Pressure radio comedy series 2013 Sitcoms
Cabin Pressure - Season 9
MJN Air is a small charter airline that will travel anywhere and will carry anything with equal professionalism and dedication. Well, dedication anyway...
Californication tv comedy series 2013 Sitcoms
Californication - Season 6
Burned-out writer Hank Moody moves to California to gather material for next book and spend some time with his ex-wife and daughter. The long list of orgies mark his every step.
Community tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Community - Season 4
Lawyer Jeff Winger is suspended by his company after they discovered that he lied about possessing a bachelor’s degree. He signs up to Greendale Community College to earn the degree and meets group of extraordinary people.
Dads tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Dads - Season 1
Eli and Warner are successful computer game industry businessman, happy with their lives and their livestyles. But everything changes when suddenly their fathers have to move in with them.
ElvenQuest radio comedy series 2013 Sitcoms
ElvenQuest - Series 4
Sam Porter is a not very successful fantasy writer. At least until he is approached by people from another world looking for the Chosen One that will help them with the quest for Sword of Asnagar.
Family Guy tv comedy series 2013 Sitcoms
Family Guy - Season 12
Peter Griffin isn’t good father, isn’t good husband, isn’t good friend... which makes him a good character for comedy series. He is surrounded by unusual characters and gets involved in unusual situations.
Hello Ladies tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Hello Ladies - Season 1
Clumsy and extremely unlucky Englishman in California tries to blend in and find the girl of his dreams.
I’m Alan Partridge tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
I’m Alan Partridge - Season 9
Alan Partridge works in local radio station in Norwich. He aspires to much higher places and more important jobs, but he always gets in trouble because of his big mouth.
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Season 9
Group of friends are running a greasy, runned-down bar in Philadelphia, but when they try to improve themselves or the bar, they get involved in surreal adventures.
Melissa & Joey tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Melissa & Joey - Season 3
Mel Burke, local councilwoman, has to take care of her niece and nephew after their mother was arrested for money laundering. Since she already has a lot on her mind she hires Joey, who also was affected by the scandal, to be her live-in nanny for the kids.
Men at Work tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Men at Work - Season 2
Four buddies work together in a magazine and spend a lot of time dealing with their relationships with women. Or lack of them.
New Girl tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
New Girl - Season 3
Jess shares a flat with 3 friends... male friends to be exact, which leads to some awkward situations and unusual friendships.
Not Going Out tv sitcom 2013 Sitcoms
Not Going Out - Series 6
Lee is not very ambitious man, but he is lucky enough to share apartment with woman, who don’t mind his laziness.
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