1990s tv sitcom

Wings tv sitcom review

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Very good show with perfect set of actors and good scripts - that’s all you can expect from good show. After few seasons the series became a little bit stale, but still kept good quality thanks to great performances from Thomas Haden Church as Lowell and David Schramm as Roy.


Wings comedy series8.8


Wings funny8 / 10


Wings entertaining5 / 5


Wings characters5 / 5


Wings nonrepetitive4 / 5

Seasons of Wings

1990 Season 1
1991 Season 2
1991 Season 3
1992 Season 4
1993 Season 5
1994 Season 6
1995 Season 7
1996 Season 8

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