1990s tv sitcom

Wings tv sitcom cast

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings cast

Timothy Daly sitcoms as Joe Hackett

Older brother of Brian, the founder of Sandpiper Air.
David Schramm sitcoms as Roy Biggins

Unsympathetic character, owner of Aeromass, competitor for Sandpiper Air.
Rebecca Schull sitcoms as Fay Cochran

Veteran strewardess that founded Sandpiper Air with Joe and runs the reservations for the company.
Thomas Haden Church sitcoms as Lowell Mather

Brilliant mechanic that takes care of Sandpiper Air and Aeromass planes. And on the other hand he is the most witless man around.
Tony Shalhoub sitcoms as Antonio Scarpacci

Italian immigrant that worked in restaurant and later became taxi driver on the island.
Farrah Forke sitcoms as Alex Lambert

Female helicopter pilot, former military pilot. Both Joe and Brian were trying hard to date her.
Steven Weber sitcoms as Brian Hackett
Crystal Bernard sitcoms as Helen Chappel

Wings supporting cast

Mark Harelik sitcoms as Davis Lynch

Potential investor for Sandpiper Air, who started to date Helen.
Gilbert Gottfried sitcoms as Lewis Blanchard
Amy Yasbeck sitcoms as Casey Chappel
Brian Haley sitcoms as Budd Bronski
William Hickey sitcoms as Carlton Blanchard
Phil Leeds sitcoms as Lou
Gretchen German sitcoms as Gail Scott
Valerie Mahaffey sitcoms as Sandy Cooper
Michael Manasseri sitcoms as Kenny McElvey
Laura Innes sitcoms as Bunny Mather

Seasons of Wings

1990 Season 1
1991 Season 2
1991 Season 3
1992 Season 4
1993 Season 5
1994 Season 6
1995 Season 7
1996 Season 8

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