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Season 8  - Wings tv sitcom episodes guide

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings Season 8 (1996)


Porno for Pyros

Joe and Helen burn Brianís house down and he expects to get a big check like they did. But the insurance investigator doesnít believe the story of how the fire happened until the same thing happens to her.


Like a Neighbor Scorned

When Joe and Helen meet their new neighbors Steve and Barbara, they think they are great at first until Steve asks Joe for a $5000 loan for his gambling debts. Antonio receives his recently deceased Uncle Bernardoís personal belongings.


Maybe Itís You

Brianís vow to find a meaningful relationship is tested when he meets a beautiful but dumb woman.


Single and Hating It

While a storm rages outside Joe and Helen stop by a singles mixer to drop off Brianís wallet and end up stuck there for their 1st anniversary.


Too Beautiful for You

Antonio mans the suicide hotline and makes a date with a woman who calls. Helen loses customers when a new food cart arrives at the terminal.


The Gift of Life

A medical courier leaves a package in the terminal on Halloween and evereyone tries to figure out whatís in it.


Olive or Twist

Casey suggests that Brian uses his insurance check to open a martini bar, with her as manager. However, when a customer suffers an accident on Brianís property, Casey says she neglected to have Brianís bar insured.


Wingless, part 1

A financial crisis forces Joe to seek out an investor. When businessman Jonathan Clayton comes to the island, Joe thinks itís his lucky day. But Clayton informs Joe he doesnít invest in businesses, he buys them. With no other choice, Joe sells. Joe and Brian are glad that with Claytonís backing they got their plane out of repossession and are up and running, until Clayton says now his slacker son Cord is the new president of Sandpiper.


Wingless, part 2

The first act that new Sandpiper president Cord Clayton does is hold a meeting telling everyone they need a big idea. Little does Roy know that he will be responsible for this big idea.


Wingless, part 3

When Cord chickens out at a presentation before his fatherís board of directors, Joe and Brian deliver it instead. Helen overhears one of Claytonís young hotshots saying that he recommended Cord for the presidency of Sandpiper in order for him to run Sandpiper into the ground, thus getting them a business writeoff. Clayton takes action, and thanks Joe by returning the presidency of Sandpiper to him and agreeing to stay on as a significant minority investor.


All About Christmas Eve

Another odd Christmas hits Nantucket as Antonio drives a nun around the island whoís in search of a vision she saw in a dream, Joe and Brian try to diffuse a long-standing feud between two elderly brothers, and Fay, Helen and Casey get trapped in the basement of the department store where Casey works.


Letís Talk about Sex

Roy falls in love with talk show host Mary Pat Lee, but discovers sheís using information he gave her to ambush Joe and Helen on her show. Brian pays Casey to run errands for him.



Joe and Helen deal with a crooked vacuum cleaner salesman who charges them for a vacuum cleaner that had an eternal guarantee.


Just Call Me Angel

Joe and Brian go back to Boston after a vacation in Las Vegas, where Joe gets food poisonong from a cheap casino breakfast buffet. When the pilots of the flight also get food poisoning, Brian lands the jumbo jet and is hailed by the media as the "Angel of Flight 28". Brianís newfound celebrity is taking up all his time and overloading Joe at Sandpiper.


Fay There, Georgy Girl

Fay holds a yard sale to help clear clutter in her house. After selling goods that belonged to her three late husbands, Fay begins to be visited by their ghosts. However, Fay is also asked out by a man she met at the yard sale who tells her he values memories of his relatives moreso than the gifts they gave him.


Escape from New York

Brian and Helen go to New York to see the broadway musical Rent. But their trip turns into a nightmare when Helen loses all her cash playing a card game.


House of Blues

Brian and Casey are kicked out of Joe and Helenís place so they buy a house of their own with help from Antonio.


Ms. Write

Brian falls for someone after reading love letters mistakenly sent to the old occupant of the house. Antonio installs a home security system for Joe and Helen.



With Fay on vacation, Joe and Brian hire a beautiful woman to fill in. Casey gets Antonio a job at the department store where she works.


Heartache Tonight

Roy invites Joe and Helen over to his house to meet his mother and tells her that Helen is his girlfriend and Joeís the help.


Oedipus Wrecks

Brianís surprised to find out his girlfriendís son is in college. Further complications happen when Casey starts to date the young man. Joe and Roy try to overcome a fear of the circus.


Raging Bullsh@t

Joe enters a boxing tournament to beat an old rival and things turn unusual when the rival drops out and Joeís matched against Brian.


Final Approach, part 1

To cheer up Helen, Joe restores her cello. While she refinds her passion for music, the rest of the gang hunts for money that Joe and Brianís father left them. They eventually find it and now have $250,000.


Final Approach, part 2

Joe and Brian want to do different things with their money. Joe wants to expand his airport business and Brian wants to leave the island for good.

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