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Season 7  - Wings tv sitcom episodes guide

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings Season 7 (1995)


Burnin’ Down the House, part 1

Joe and Helen return from their honeymoon in Jamaica to discover that their house burned down. Joe tries to find the root cause, but when he learns it was Brian’s negligence due to an unextinguished cigar while having sex with Casey, he fires Brian from Sandpiper and orders him out of his life.


Burnin’ Down the House, part 2

While digging through the remains of Helen’s home, Brian discovers the old suitcase their father left them and tries to use it to make up with Joe. Joe is recalcitrant, until he is visited by the ghost of his father, who uses reverse psychology to make peace with Brian. Helen has her own method of revenge on Casey and Antonio exacts his revenge on Casey and Brian.


Death Becomes Him

Joe and Brian are chartered to fly to Miami, where the richest man in Nantucket passed away, and the two enjoy a night of partying. But when a buzzed Joe picks up the wrong dead body to deliver to a funeral, he must become the replacement corpse.


The Person Formerly Known as Lowell

When Lowell witnesses a mob hit, he must decide whether or not to enter the Witness Protection Program, struggling with the issue of leaving his friends behind forever versus letting a guilty man run free and hurt again should Lowell not testify in court.


Hooker, Line, and Sinker

Joe and Brian set Antonio up with a great girl not knowing she’s a hooker.


She’s Gotta Have It

Helen goes on a wild shopping spree with her insurance check.


So Long, Frank Lloyd Wrong

Joe and Helen hire a famous contractor to build their new home.


When a Man Loves a Donut

Brian feels left out now that Joe’s married, so he starts to overeat. Casey applying for a job and Antonio buying a vaulable (and painful) pair of shoes.


The Big Sleep

After fighting with Helen over the plans for the new house, Joe dreams that he and Helen are in a plane crash.


Twas the Heist Before Christmas

Joe and Helen throw a Christmas party that everyone wants to leave.


Honey, We Broke the Kid

When babysitting the daughter of a friend of theirs, Joe and Helen each have their own way of parenting.


B.S. I Love You

Joe and Brian reunite with whom they think is their grandpa, but is actually an old roommate of their dad’s from the mental hospital. Antonio breaks a chain letter and bad fortune follows.


Sons and Lovers

For Leap Year baby Roy’s 12th birthday party, his son R.J. comes back to the island with his new boyfriend.


Bye, George

Fay plans to marry a man she met on a cruise, until she finds out his real first name. Joe gets a cold after playing football.


The Team Player

When Antonio runs the ticket desk for Joe and Brian, a star from the Boston Bruins misses his flight due to being late. Even though the guy’s a jerk, Antonio must apologize to him.


Love at First Flight

Brian falls in love with a woman who’s just about to get married. Roy acts like he is going out with Edna so that Antonio falls back in love with Edna.


Lynch Party

Helen realizes she never broke off her engagement to Davis Lynch, and tries to do so behind Joe’s back.


One Flew Over the Cooper’s Nest

Sandy Cooper is back in town and Joe tries, yet again, to prove to Helen just how nuts she is. But it is he who ends up in the psychologist’s chair. Roy, Fay, Antonio and Casey fear that the tuna they had for lunch may be tainted.


Driving Mr. DeCarlo

Antonio starts driving around a man everyone thinks is connected to the mob.


A Tale of Two Sister Cities

Brian goes out with the princess of Kiranon, the city that Casey’s trying to merge with Nantucket. Joe becomes increasingly jealous over men giving Helen attention.


What About Larry?

Joe and Helen’s new contractor ends’s up crashing at their place because his wife leaves him.


The Lady Vanishes

Antonio goes on a quest looking for this woman he met in the terminal.


Life Could Be a Dream

When the gang opens up a time capsule they buried 20 years ago, they imagine what their lives would’ve been like.


The Lyin’ King

Joe feels awful about lying to Helen about going to help out at an old age home, when he’s actually going to see an old girlfriend at a strip club.


Love Overboard

Casey’s ex-husband Stuart shows up and hides the fact that he’s rich. Roy teaches Antonio how to dance.


Grouses, Houses, and Bickering Spouses

When celebrating their departure from living in the same house as Brian and Casey, Joe and Helen accidentally burn Brian’s house down.

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