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Season 6  - Wings tv sitcom episodes guide

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings Season 6 (1994)


Whose Wife Is It Anyway

Joeís determined to win back Helen, so he goes to New York to stop her from marrying Davis Lynch.


Twisted Sister

Helenís sister Casey shows up on the island and makes everybody feel miserable.


The Shrink

Joe takes Brian to see a psychiatrist, but he ends up treating Joe instead. Lowell goes on a search for his favorite hat that Antonio lost.


The Spark and How to Get It

Thinking heís over Alex, Brian gets back on the singles scene. After having disturbing visions of himself chasing women in his 50s, Brian wonders if he should get serious with a straight-laced woman named Joan, but cannot find "the spark".


The Waxman Cometh

Lowell inherits $25,000, which he uses to buy the townís wax museum.


Is That a Ten Foot Sandwich or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Casey and Brian plan Joe and Helenís engagement party, while Joe and Helen think theyíre having an affair.


Allís Fare

Lovesick Antonio finally works up the nerve to ask Casey on a date, but before heís able to, he has to drive around a businessman who also has his eye on her.


Miss Jenkins

Brianís attractive ninth-grade teacher shows up, and he goes out with her. Although Joe and Lowell are thrilled that Brian is "hot for teacher", he cannot get over the fact she is an older woman who once taught him.


If Itís Not One Thing, Itís Your Mother

Helen and Caseyís mom Dee Dee comes to the island to help plan the wedding.


The Wrong Stuff

When Sandpiper is losing business to Aeromass, Brian tries a celebrity endorsement by hiring an ex-astronaut, but the guy turns out to be even more obnoxious than Roy.


Insanity Claus

When an air traffic controller finds out Antonio ate his donut, he holds everyone at the airport hostage on Christmas Eve.


Sheís Baaack

Sandy Cooper is back on the island, and Joe tries again to get anyone to believe sheís obsessed with him. Fay gives Antonio her third husbandís wardrobe, which makes Antonio the butt of 1970s jokes.


Have I Got a Couple for You

Fay sets Joe and Helen up with another married couple whom they love, but they get a little too clingy with the other couple. Antonio assists Lowell after he injures his hands working on Antonioís taxi, and Brian and Casey try out a new singles place in Boston.


Fools Russian

Roy plans to marry a mail-order bride from Russia, but problems arise when Helen sees she is better suited for a professor from Boston University.


Letís Call the Whole Thing Off

Joe and Helen crash a wedding to see how much things will cost, and end up getting into a fight which spills over onto the bride and groom. Lowell and Antonio train for a Polar Bears water jump competition.


Remembrance of Flings Past, part 1

Itís the gangís high school reunion, and Brianís old girlfriend shows up, informing Joe that he might be the father of her child.


Remembrance of Flings Past, part 2

Joe has to wait for blood test results to come back to find out whether or not heís the boyís father. The waiting game is tense for all as Brian has to deal with his ex-girlfriend having a fling with Joe, which also goes over poorly with Helen.


Gone But Not Faygotten

Fay retires and Casey takes her place behind the ticket counter, proving to be adept at the job. When Fay returns wanting her job back, Sandpiper runs into human resource problems.


Ex, Lies, and Videotape

Brian appears on a popular womanís talk show, but it turns out to be a trap set up by his ex-girlfriend Alex.


Portrait of the Con Artist as a Young Man

Casey gets interested in the sculptures Lowell makes out of old plane parts, and wants him to make a career of it. Brian takes a prank snapshot which ends up in the wrong hands.


The Love Life and Times of Joe and Helen

Brian makes a video diary of Joe and Helenís relationship for them as a wedding gift.


A House to Die For

Cranky Carlton Blanchard is at deathís door, and everyone goes to his house to set what they can buy from his greedy nephew.


Nuptials Off

Helen realizes she never sent in the paperwork to divorce her and Antonio. So she enlists the help of Brian to fly her and Antonio to Mexico to get a divorce before Joe finds out. Lowell refuses to rest despite his obvious signs of illness.


Et Tu, Antonio?

Antonio plays host to his cousin, who is engaged to a beautiful woman. Joe and Helen receive their first wedding gifts, but the ones from Helenís side are better than those from Joeís side.


Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Casey throws Helen a bachelorette party and Brian throws Joe a bachelor party. But Helen has a better time at her party than Joe does at his.


Here It Is: The Big Wedding

Joe and Helen are finally set to get married, except for a few minor setbacks, such as Joe dropping Helenís wedding ring in the toilet and getting his hand stuck, and Brian picking up the wrong size tuxedos.

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