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Season 5  - Wings tv sitcom episodes guide

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings Season 5 (1993)


Stop in the Name of Love

Everyone is skeptical, when Brian tells them his relationship with Alex is different from all the others.


Terminal Jealousy

Roy gets bored and decides to have some fun at everyone else’s expense.


Bye Bye Bunny

After Lowell finalizes his divorce with Bunny, he starts sleeping with her again.


Business or Pleasure

When Joe flies in potential investor Davis Lynch, he’s more interested in Helen than Joe’s airline.


An Affair to Forget

Joe becomes everyone’s chauffeur. First for Brian and Alex, then for Helen.


A Black Eye Affair

Helen gets a black eye before she has a date with Davis.


Joe Blows, part 1

Joe gets tired of everyone running to him with their problems, so he leaves the island.


Joe Blows, part 2

Brian is now in charge of the airline and realizes how much he needs Joe.


2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten

When Sandy Cooper, an old high school friend, returns to the island, Joe fears she’s still obsessed with him. Antonio tries to sell some of his personal items to raise money for his family back in Italy.


Fly with Me

Joe, Brian, Helen and Lowell go to a singles party in Boston. Back at the airport, Roy, Fay and Antonio team up to try to win a radio call-in contest.


Happy Holidays

It’s Christmas, and Lowell’s ex-wife Bunny shows up and ends up sleeping with Antonio. Brian is skeptical about meeting Alex’s family and Fay becomes overbearing in preparing for the annual holiday party.


Ready Teddy Go

Helen’s upset because she thinks Davis bought her a teddy.


Oh Give Me a Home Where the Mathers Don’t Roam

Lowell buys a new house, but is afraid of living there alone.


The Faygitive

Fay thinks she’s being stalked when a private detective starts asking questions about her.


Say Uncle Carlton

Antonio chauffeur’s Carlton Blanchard around the island for extra money. Carlton’s nephew, Lewis also visits the island.


Hey Nineteen

Joe dates a nineteen year old woman.


Exclusively Yours

Brian and Alex vow to date only each other.



The gang recalls odd jobs they’ve had in the off season.


Sleepless in Nantucket

Brian moves in with Alex, and they find each other hard to live with.


Boys Will be Girls

The gang’s old gym coach shows up and Brian and Joe decide to give him a makeover while he’s asleep, unaware that he’s actually dead.


Roy Crazy

Roy’s ex-wife Sylvia shows up, and Roy tries to win her back. A waiter from a local restaurant goes gaga over Helen.


Long Distance Lament

When Davis cancels another date with Helen, she decides to date another guy.


Call of the Wild

An old friend of Brian’s shows up, and they relive some wild time, much to Alex’s dismay. Lowell takes in his idol, an over-the-hill television superhero, who takes advantage of his hospitality.


A Decent Proposal

Davis proposes to Helen, but Joe still has feelings for her. Brian tries to win Alex back.

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