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Season 4  - Wings tv sitcom episodes guide

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings Season 4 (1992)



The gang waits to be rescued from the plane crash.


The Fortune Cookie

The amount of money Joe gets for insurance is low, so Brian tries to get Joe to fake being handicapped.


Noses Off

When a plastic surgeon informs Brian of his imperfect nose, he plans to get a new one.


Blackout Biggins

Roy faints when he tries to sing the National Anthem at a televised baseball game.


Mathers of the Heart

Lowell goes on a date with Helen.


Two Jerks and a Jill

When a female helicopter pilot, Alex Lambert moves to the island, Joe and Brian compete to impress her. Lowell invites Antonio to the weekly Tuesday Night Rat Shoot.


It’s So Nice to Have a Mather Around the House

Brian sinks Lowell’s houseboat, so he lets Lowell stay with him and Joe. When Lowell proves to be a surprisingly adept chef, Joe and Brian wonder whether they should hide Lowell’s insurance check.


Just Say No

A woman Brian is obsessed with comes back to the island, and Brian can’t seem to say no to her, even though she stands him up several times.


It May Have Happened One Night

Everyone’s trying to find out whether or not Joe slept with Alex.


The Customer’s Usually Right

Joe goes insane when he’s charged a 50 cent rewinding fee on a tape he is sure he rewound.


Exit Laughing

Helen goes on a date with a friend of Joe’s, who has a laugh like a hyena.


What the Cabbie Saw

Antonio fears for his life when he testifies against a robber.


Labor Pains

Lowell has been offered a job at Logan International Airport, but he doesn’t want to leave Nantucket.


I’ve Got a Secret

Alex thinks Antonio blabbed her secret about posing for Playboy.


The Gift, part 1

Joe mortgage’s his house to buy Helen a new cello so she can audition for a string quartet. Fay, Lowell, Roy and Antonio rehearse for a community theatre play: "Phantom Of The Oprah".


The Gift, part 2

Helen gets the job in quartet, but other musicians drives her crazy.


I Love Brian

Brian tries to impress Alex by telling her he knows Clint Black.


The Key to Alex

Joe and Brian try to be more sensitive to get to Alex.


The Houseguest

When Carlton Blanchard falls down the steps at Helen’s house, she invites him to stay with her, until his ankle heals, fearing a lawsuit.


Goodbye Old Friend

Lowell has a hard time accepting that a mechanic friend of his died. Joe and Brian have to keep an already sleepless Helen awake for another 18 hours after she suffers a concussion.


Another Wedding

The gang gets invited to attend the wedding of a friend of theirs.


Date Package Number Seven

Brian tries to impress Alex with a spontaneous date to Maine, but the date is pre-planned.

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