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Season 3  - Wings tv sitcom episodes guide

Two brothers, hard working Joe and fun loving Brian, are running small airline on Nuntacket Island struggling to keep their business open.

Wings Season 3 (1991)


The Naked Truth

After tracking down Helen at a New York strip club, Joe tells her that he has a new girlfriend. Helen reacts to the news by driving her jeep through Joeís office.


Is That a Subpoena in Your Pocket?

Joe takes Helen to court to get her to pay for the damage she did to his office.


The Taming of the Shrew

Helen goes to a group therapy session to deal with her feelings for Joe.


I Ainít Got No Bunny

Lowell becomes paranoid, thinking that his wife Bunny is going out with other men. Turns out she is.


If Elected, I Will Not Live

Roy and Joe both run for the position of alderman, but the local paper somehow endorses Fay. Helen decides to sell her cello.


My Brotherís Keeper

When a rich woman, Mimsy Borogroves, comes to the island, she starts dating Brian.


Crate Expectations

The gang plans a surprise birthday for Joe.


Ladies Who Lunch

Joe doesnít like it when Helen becomes friends with his new girlfriend Gail.


Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered

With the airport fogged in, Brian entertains the gang with his hypnosis act and gets Roy to confess his deepest, darkest secret; that he stole $250,000 from the Irish mob in Boston and buried it in his backyard. As everyone excitedly digs up Royís backyard, Brian starts to doubt the effectiveness of his hypnosis when he comes across an uninstalled hot tub.


The Late Mrs. Biggins

Roy reveals the fact that his late wife is not dead, she left him.


The Bogey Men

Roy and Brian trick Joe into coming with them to a timeshare lecture in South Carolina, to which both Brian and Roy assure Joe that they know how to finesse these hucksters and can use it for free golf, but a rain squall dampens their plot. Antonio entertains airport guests by playing the only song he knows on guitar ("Michael, Row The Boat Ashore") over and over and over.


Marriage, Italian Style

Antonio is arrested for illegal immigration and his deportment to Italy is imminent. Helen offers to marry Antonio so he can remain in the United States.


Divorce, American Style

Helen learns that she will also get arrested for fradulent matrimony if she divorces Antonio before three years have elapsed, unless he wins a green card in a lottery. She is dismayed to learn he lost the lottery.


Stew in a Stew

Fay is upset when Joe declines to promote her, citing budget cutbacks. When Brian appears with expensive sheep-lined bomber jackets for him and Joe, Fay is now outraged and quits.


This Old House

Joe and Brianís childhood home is due to be demolished after a severe storm condemns it. At first theyíre upset, but then they canít really recall many happy memories of being there.


Planes, Trains, and Visiting Cranes

Doctor Frasier Crane visits the island (crossover from Cheers), and Helen wants her money back from one of his self-help seminars.


Das Plane

When Joe raffles off a plane ticket for a charity event, cranky Carlton Blanchard pays $10,000 for it. The catch is Carlton wants to fly cross country to reunite with his brother, and along the way, annoys everyone on the plane. Furthermore, Carlton has a dull memory, as he cannot recall whether his brother lives in Colorado or Las Cruces, New Mexico.


Take My Life, Please

Helen wants a new goal in life, and takes an aptitude test. When the results are in, the gang intercepts the letter and sees her best skills are food service and musician. Brian falsifies the paper, which causes Helen to aspire to become a stand-up comedienne.


Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy

Joe, Brian, Helen and Lowell try out a video dating service and compare notes to each otherís experiences.


The Bank Dick

Brian gets a large tax refund and treats himself to an expensive Caribbean vacation. When he learns that the IRS is demanding the money back, he is forced to get a second job as a security guard for a bank just when the bank is being robbed.


Say It Ainít So, Joe

Joe becomes jealous, when a high school baseball star approaches and then beats his strikeout record.


As Fate Would Have It

The gang accompany Helen to her gig as a cellist for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. But on the way there, the planeís engines die.

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