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Season 6  - Becker tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Becker tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Becker tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Becker tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - Becker tv sitcom episodes guide

John Becker is brilliant doctor, who runs a small practice in Bronx and has just one flaw - he hates people. Not all of them, just those stupid, ignorant, those wasting his time, those taking his parking space, those who do not agree with him... Well, the list is long.

Becker Season 6 (2003)


What’s Love Got to Do with It?

John and Chris’s relationship takes a new turn when they both begin to admit their feelings for each other. Linda questions her lack of spirituality, and a guy named Hector shows up at the diner, looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.


Dates & Nuts

John and Chris try to have their first date, but end up at the hospital for one of Becker’s patients.


A Little Ho-mance

John tries to sleep with Chris, who wants more romance. Margaret doesn’t want to hear about the relationship, and those at the diner discuss Jake’s grandmother, who lives in a home and is having sex.


Spontaneous Combustion

Chris and John cannot seem to consummate their relationship, and Chris becomes convinced that it’s because they lack spontaneity. Jake is haunted by the memory of his recently deceased nana.



John and Chris are getting more serious in their relationship, but Chris is determined to make a gentleman out of John. Margaret takes on a part-time job, but it’s a little more than she bargained for.


The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking

John is depressed when an apparently healthy patient is diagnosed with a serious illness. Meanwhile, Chris tries to get John to talk things over with her more often.


Sister Spoils the Turkey

Chris’s sister, who has a criminal past, comes to visit for thanksgiving, where she meets Jake, and goes out with him.


Chock Full o’ Nuts

After an insane asylum closes in John’s neighborhood, his office, as well as Chris’s diner, are overwhelmed with crazy people.


A First Class Flight

Chris is mad at John for flying to a medical convention first class, rather than going with her in coach.


Margaret Sings the Blues

Margaret is depressed when she learns that a friend has made it rich.


Snow Means Snow

John tries to avoid going on vacation with Chris.


Subway Story

Becker plans to have dinner with Chris but ends up giving an old lady directions on the subway.



Jake decides what to spend his inheritance on; Chris worries that John is about to break up with her.

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2003 Season 6

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