1990s tv sitcom

Becker tv sitcom cast
Becker tv sitcom cast
Becker tv sitcom cast
Becker tv sitcom cast
Becker tv sitcom cast

John Becker is brilliant doctor, who runs a small practice in Bronx and has just one flaw - he hates people. Not all of them, just those stupid, ignorant, those wasting his time, those taking his parking space, those who do not agree with him... Well, the list is long.

Becker cast

Ted Danson sitcoms as John Becker

Cynical doctor running his practice in Bronx. He usually completely disregards other people feelings on the way to prove that he is right. He is grumpy, conceited, temperamental and very, very cheap.
Hattie Winston sitcoms as Margaret Wyborn

Nurse, office manager and only person that can make Becker do something he don’t really wanna do.
Shawnee Smith sitcoms as Linda

Becker’s half-witted employee that is suppose to be helping around the office, but in practice it take Margaret more time to inspect her doings that she would want to.
Alex Desert sitcoms as Jake Malinak

Becker’s blind friend. Jake spends time running newsstand in Reggie’s diner.
Terry Farrell sitcoms as Reggie Kostas

Owner of diner (that she inherited after death of her father), ex-model and friend of Becker.
Saverio Guerra sitcoms as Bob

He used to go to the same school as Reggie and then started to hang around in her diner. Later he became super in Becker’s building.
Nancy Travis sitcoms as Chris Connor

Woman who took over Reggie’s diner. She is intelligent and enjoys proving Becker wrong.

Becker supporting cast

Jorge Garcia sitcoms as Hector

Seasons of Becker

1998 Season 1
1999 Season 2
2000 Season 3
2001 Season 4
2002 Season 5
2003 Season 6

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