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Season 7  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 7  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide

A look behind the production of fictional TV comedy program called TGS with Tracy Jordan, where life of writer and producer Liz Lemon is constant struggle between following her bosses whims and dealing with strong character of her cast.

30 Rock Season 7 (2012)


The Beginning of the End

Jack plans to propose a really bad fall lineup for NBC.


Governor Dunston

With the election approaching, Jack orders Liz not to do any political satire on TGS.


Stride of Pride

Liz is determined to prove Tracy wrong, who is convinced that women can’t be funny.



Jack invites Liz to attend a Republican Party fundraiser.


There’s No I in America

After it emerges that Jenna’s fans are crucial swing voters, Liz and Jack realise that she has the power to decide the outcome of the election.


Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy

Jack is annoyed when he discovers that he is the inspiration for the villain in Tracy’s new Aunt Phatso movie.


Mazel Tov, Dummies!

Liz makes another attempt to adopt a child.


My Whole Life Is Thunder

Jenna is outraged that Liz has stolen her wedding thunder by getting married just as she was preparing to marry Paul.



In Liz’s absence, Tracy and Jenna assume control of TGS.


Game Over

When Jack finds out that CEO will become a granddaughter of Hank Hooper he gathers a team of helpers to discredit her.


A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World

Liz is torn between fixing the details of adoption and saving TGS from being cancelled.



After TGS was cancelled Liz finds it hard to be a housewife.


Last Lunch

Liz prepares a final episode of TGS.

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