30 Rock

2000s tv sitcom

30 Rock tv sitcom cast
30 Rock tv sitcom cast
30 Rock tv sitcom cast

A look behind the production of fictional TV comedy program called TGS with Tracy Jordan, where life of writer and producer Liz Lemon is constant struggle between following her bosses whims and dealing with strong character of her cast.

30 Rock cast

Tina Fey sitcoms as Liz Lemon

Head writer of The Girlie Show. Her personal life is complete mess and her career isn’t much better.
Alec Baldwin sitcoms as Jack Donaghy

Liz superior and a typical manager in big corporation.
Tracy Morgan sitcoms as Tracy Jordan

Irresponsible comic who is a star of The Girlie Show.
Jane Krakowski sitcoms as Jenna Maroney

Actress and a star of The Girlie Show. She is extremely egocentric and vain.
Jack McBrayer sitcoms as Kenneth Parcell

Naive and half-witted receptionist.

30 Rock supporting cast

Scott Adsit sitcoms as Pete Hornberger

Producer of The Girlie Show and friend of Liz.
Judah Friedlander sitcoms as Frank Rossitano

Main writer of The Girlie Show.
Katrina Bowden sitcoms as Cerie Xerox
Keith Powell sitcoms as Toofer
Lonny Ross sitcoms as Josh Girard
Kevin Brown sitcoms as Dot Com
Grizz Chapman sitcoms as Grizz
Rachel Dratch sitcoms as various
Chris Parnell sitcoms as Dr. Leo Spaceman

Seasons of 30 Rock

2006 Season 1
2007 Season 2
2008 Season 3
2009 Season 4
2010 Season 5
2011 Season 6
2012 Season 7

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 30 Rock 30 Rock

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