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Season 6  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 6  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide

A look behind the production of fictional TV comedy program called TGS with Tracy Jordan, where life of writer and producer Liz Lemon is constant struggle between following her bosses whims and dealing with strong character of her cast.

30 Rock Season 6 (2011)


Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Liz returns from holiday with completely new image.


Idiots Are People Two!

Video of Tracy being offensive towards gay people is posted online.


Idiots Are People Three!

Liz new boyfriend makes her choose between him and Jack.


The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell

Liz looks for a new best friend after discovering that Jenna has traded their friendship for fame.


Today You Are a Man

Liz and Jack argue over her contract.


Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong, part 1

Valentine’s Day brings nervous atmosphere to lives of TGS staff.


Hey, Baby, What’s Wrong, part 2

Valentine’s Day brings nervous atmosphere to lives of TGS staff.


The Tuxedo Begins

After being mugged Jack decides he has to become mayor of New York City.


Leap Day

Liz and Jenna try to seduce an internet billionaire.


Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky

In order to hide his relationship with older woman from his mother, Frank pretends that Liz is his real girlfriend.


Standards and Practices

Liz refuses to acknowledge Kenneth’s new power over TGS.


St. Patrick’s Day

Liz’s ex-boyfriend Dennis shows up on St. Patrick’s Day.



Liz becomes a mentor for Hazel.


Kidnapped by Danger

Liz writes the script for the Avery TV-Movie.


The Shower Principle

Tracy signs on to do a new movie in order to pay his unexpectedly high taxes.


Nothing Left to Lose

Tracy recovers his lost sense of smell and is drawn to Liz’s scent.


Meet the Woggels!

Jack discovers that his mother has been hospitalized in New York for a heart ailment.


Murphy Brown Lied to Us

Jack sets Liz up on a blind date.


Live from Studio 6H

Kabletown chooses to stop funding live shows for TGS - Liz and Jack embrace the change.


Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper

Reality show crew again visits the TGS staff.


The Return of Avery Jessup

Jack’s wife Avery returns home from captivity in North Korea.


What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?

Jack and Avery renew their wedding vows.

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