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Season 4  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 4  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 4  - 30 Rock tv sitcom episodes guide

A look behind the production of fictional TV comedy program called TGS with Tracy Jordan, where life of writer and producer Liz Lemon is constant struggle between following her bosses whims and dealing with strong character of her cast.

30 Rock Season 4 (2009)


Season 4

Jack makes several suggestions on how TGS should be changed and Liz is about to hire a new actor for the show.


Into the Crevasse

The Dealbreakers, an advice book wrote by Liz, backfires when male employees of TGS are getting angry at her.


Stone Mountain

In order to find a perfect actor to appeal to "middle America" Jack and Liz travel to Kenneth’s home town.


Audition Day

To make sure that the actor they prefer will join TGS Liz and Pete invite few ringers for the audition.


The Problem Solvers

Jack offers Liz to create her own television show based on her Dealbreakers.


Sun Tea

Jack puts Kenneth in charge of reducing TGS’s carbon footprint during NBC’s annual Green Week, but Kenneth is going too far with the assignment.


Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001

Liz prepares for the first episode of her talk show and has to put Pete in charge of the writers.


Secret Santa

Jack and Liz decide to exchange gifts for Christmas that cost them no money.


Klaus and Greta

Jenna enters a fake relationship with actor James Franco in order to stop the rumors that he is in love with a Japanese body pillow.


Black Light Attack!

Jack figures out that Danny is having an affair with Liz.


Winter Madness

Liz and Pete decide to take the staff south to Miami for a week, due to their hatred of the cold weather, but instead for personal reasons Jack sends them to Boston.



Jenna’s mother Verna comes to visit.


Anna Howard Shaw Day

Liz plans the root canal treatment on Valentine’s Day, but when she realize that she will need someone to drive her home and desperately tries to so find someone without plans.


Future Husband

Liz finds an unknown number labeled "Future Husband" in her phone and can’t recall who could that be.


Don Geiss, America and Hope

Liz meets the "Future Husband".



Liz discovers that her ex-boyfriend Floyd is getting married.


Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter

Toofer quits his job and Liz doesn’t want to rehire him until she discovers...



Jack gets involved in dispute between two janitors and can’t help making it worst.



Don Geiss leaves Jack his favorit Argus peacock in his last will.


The Moms

TGS prepares special episode for Mother’s Day and on that occasion mothers of all the staff are visiting.


Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land

Liz tries to find a date for Floyd’s wedding, but it’s harder than she thought.


I Do Do

Liz meets an airline pilot who is TGS fan.

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