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Season 3  - Taxi tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 3  - Taxi tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 3  - Taxi tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 3  - Taxi tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 3  - Taxi tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 3  - Taxi tv sitcom episodes guide

The lives of few New York cabbies and their scheaming dispatcher - for them every night could be dangerous, but also chance to earn some good money. We see them waiting in the garage for their cabs, following their dreams, helping each other.

Taxi Season 3 (1980)


Louieís Rival

Louie fears the worst when Zena confesses she has been dating someone else.


Tonyís Sister and Jim

Tony Bantaís newly divorced sister, Monica, falls in love with Jim Ignatowski, much to Tonyís dismay.


Fathers of the Bride

Alex, upset that his ex-wife purposely kept him out of their daughterís wedding, invites Elaine to go with him to crash the reception.


Elaineís Strange Triangle

Elaineís dating a man who, unknown to her, is bisexual and attracted to Tony. Tony begs for Alexís help in letting the man down easy.


Going Home

After a private investigator hired by Jimís father tracks him down, Jim and Alex pay a visit to Jimís wealthy father.


The Ten-Percent Solution

With Bobbyís acting career going nowhere, he takes Tony Banta under his wing and acts as his agent.


Call of the Mild

Alex, Tony, and the gang end up stranded without provisions in a mountain cabin when a freak snowstorm and an intrusive bear wreck their well laid plans.


Latkaís Cookies

Following the death of Latkaís grandmother he inherits her cookie recipe, which he plans to mass-market because the cookies are addictive - literally.


Thy Bossís Wife

The bossís wife invites Louie over for an affair so she can get back at her husband. Louie fears the worst after remembering that her last fling, a cabbie, had not been heard from since.


The Costume Party

The gang crash a party which they believe is occupied by famous actors.


Elaineís Old Friend

Elaine makes up an imaginary boyfriend, "Bill Board," to impress a wealthy and successful former school friend, and asks Alex to pretend to be Bill.


Out of Commission

Tony is informed that he can no longer box due to the risk of brain damage.


Zen and the Art of Cab Driving

After Jim picks up a couple of businessmen at the airport he realizes that his life is missing something. Focusing on being the best cab driver he can be Jim breaks company trip sheet records amassing enough wealth to achieve goal.


Louieís Mother

After Louie places his mother in a nursing home, he realizes that his vision of living without her was not as good as it seemed.


Bobbyís Roommate

Elaine stays with Bobby, leading Alex and others to suspect theyíre having an affair.


Louie Bumps Into an Old Lady

After Louie hits an old lady with his cab, she takes him and the Sunshine Cab Company to court for a million dollars. Louie soon realizes that he has a strong case against her when Alex remembers from a prior experience that she is a known ambulance chaser.


Bobby and the Critic

After reading the newspaper and seeing another nasty review of a play by powerful critic, John Bowman, Bobby decides to compose a letter attacking Bowman, only to reconsider and throw it in the trash. When Louie recovers the letter and sends it to the newspaper, it unexpectedly creates positive buzz for Bobby and his acting career.


On the Job, part 1

After the Sunshine Cab Company goes bankrupt, the gang decides to meet at Marioís a month later to tell stories about their new jobs.


On the Job, part 2

With the Sunshine Cab Company still closed, the former employees continue to share stories of their new jobs.


Latka the Playboy

Latka creates a suave but obnoxious alter ego, Vic Ferrari, to help him score with the ladies. However, nobody likes his new persona, and Alex tries to convince him to bring the old Latka back.

Seasons of Taxi

1978 Season 1
1979 Season 2
1980 Season 3
1981 Season 4
1982 Season 5

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