$#*! My Dad Says

2010s tv sitcom

$#*! My Dad Says tv sitcom cast

Henry, a struggling writer, is forced to move in with his father, a ill-tempered retired army doctor, who is not pleased with that unexpected change in his bachelor life.

$#*! My Dad Says cast

William Shatner sitcoms as Ed Goodson

Retired army doctor, grumpy and ill-tempered.
Jonathan Sadowski sitcoms as Henry Goodson

Ed’s younger son - a struggling writer.
Nicole Sullivan sitcoms as Bonnie Goodson

Vince’s wife, also a real estate agent.
Will Sasso sitcoms as Vince Goodson

Older son of Ed, not very successful real estate agent.

Seasons of $#*! My Dad Says

2010 Season 1

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