Out of Practice

2000s tv sitcom

Out of Practice tv sitcom review
Out of Practice tv sitcom review

Family of doctors (parents and children) that has much more problems with themselves than you could expect.

Short-lived series cancelled in the middle of the first season. The episodes that were aired show not that great potential of the project as could be expected from good cast that was gathered. The two main characters are divorced and the haterige between them seems plastic and forced. The lesbian daughter is one-dimensional character, both sons don’t seem to have much to do. Some people really miss that show, but let’s face it - it was just an average show with average scripts.


Out of Practice comedy series4.4


Out of Practice funny4 / 10


Out of Practice entertaining2 / 5


Out of Practice characters2 / 5


Out of Practice nonrepetitive3 / 5

Seasons of Out of Practice

2005 Season 1

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