Out of Practice

2000s tv sitcom

Out of Practice tv sitcom cast
Out of Practice tv sitcom cast

Family of doctors (parents and children) that has much more problems with themselves than you could expect.

Out of Practice cast

Henry Winkler sitcoms as Stewart Barnes

Father of Ben, ex-husband of Lydia. His new girlfriend Crystal is much younger than him.
Christopher Gorham sitcoms as Benjamin Barnes

Youngest son of Stewart and Lydia, works as a marriage counselor, which makes rest of the family (all doctors) to look down on him.
Paula Marshall sitcoms as Regina Barnes

Lesbian daughter of Stewart and Lydia.
Ty Burrell sitcoms as Oliver Barnes

Self-centered plastic surgeon always on a lookout for beautiful women. He is older son of Stewart and Lydia.

Seasons of Out of Practice

2005 Season 1

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