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Dads tv sitcom review
Dads tv sitcom review
Dads tv sitcom review
Dads tv sitcom review

Eli and Warner are successful computer game industry businessman, happy with their lives and their livestyles. But everything changes when suddenly their fathers have to move in with them.

The idea for Dads is surprisingly simple - two business partners running their computer game studio are put in difficult position when their fathers are forced to move in with them. Warner is married, so it puts a strain on his marital life, especially since his father is often putting himself in embarassing situations and does not know what political correctness is. For Eli it is even harder - he is single and an older man, often referring to his intestinal problems, is a really turn on for any date that would visit him. Of course the clash between fathers and sons create most of the funny moments, but there are also a lot of risque jokes, often bit racial, bit sexiest, but within a good taste most of the time.

One of the biggest surprises was how Giovanni Ribisi could not handle the part of Warner and, comparing to Seth Green, was a really poor choice for the cast. Not to mention that both main characters were rather poorly developed - one is single, one is married and... that’s where their main features end. Their embarassing fathers were interesting addition to the plot, but after few episodes they were too predictible. Parts of the cleaner Edna and the assistant Veronica were rather marginal, althought had some good moments.

Overall frustratingly cliche comedy series with not bad amosphere, but really limited potential. Although the viewing numbers were not that bad is was cancelled after one season.


Dads comedy series4.8


Dads funny4 / 10


Dads entertaining3 / 5


Dads characters2 / 5


Dads nonrepetitive3 / 5

Seasons of Dads

2013 Season 1

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