2010s tv sitcom

Dads tv sitcom cast
Dads tv sitcom cast
Dads tv sitcom cast
Dads tv sitcom cast

Eli and Warner are successful computer game industry businessman, happy with their lives and their livestyles. But everything changes when suddenly their fathers have to move in with them.

Dads cast

Seth Green sitcoms as Eli Sachs

Co-owner of Ghost Child Games computer games studio. He is single and lives the happy life until his father David suddenly moves in.
Giovanni Ribisi sitcoms as Warner Whittemore

Co-owner of Ghost Child Games computer game studio. Comparing to Eli he is more stable - he has wife and kids, he deals with the more serious parts of their business.
Brenda Song sitcoms as Veronica

Assistant in Ghost Child Games offices.
Peter Riegert sitcoms as David Sachs

Eli’s father, who left the family when Eli was young. He is lazy, often says embarassing things.
Martin Mull sitcoms as Crawford Whittemore

Warner’s father, a failed businessman, who constantly tries to find his big break that would turn his life around and constantly fails. He often makes rude or racist remarks without even noticing that he is offending someone.
Vanessa Lachey sitcoms as Camilla Whittemore

Warner’s wife.
Tonita Castro sitcoms as Edna

Eli’s sarcastic cleaner, who is illegal immigrant in United States.

Seasons of Dads

2013 Season 1

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