Brittas Empire

1990s British tv sitcom

Brittas Empire tv sitcom 1997
Brittas Empire tv sitcom 1997
Brittas Empire tv sitcom 1997

Gordon Brittas is running communal leisure centre, but lacking the knowledge and people skills he keeps running into troubles. Chris Barrie is playing almost the same kind of character as in Red Dwarf - incompetent, but bossy manager of the leisure centre who is trying to take care of everything. Rest of the staff is trying to live with his difficult character.


Brittas Empire comedy series6.8

Series creators

Richard FegenAndrew Norriss


1991 - 1997


United Kingdom


30 minutes per episode



Series tags


Seasons of Brittas Empire

1991 Season 1
1992 Season 2
1993 Season 3
1994 Season 4
1995 Season 5
1996 Season 6
1997 Season 7

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 Brittas Empire

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