Parsley Sidings

1970s British radio comedy series

Season 2  - Parsley Sidings radio comedy series episodes guide

Small train station Parsley Sidings is managed by pompous Horace Hepplewhite, who is helped by his not very bright son and few employees he really can’t rely on.

Parsley Sidings Season 2 (1973)


Pass The Parcel

Bert is put in charge of the left luggage office to keep him out of trouble, but it turned out to be not very good idea when three parcels in plain paper arrive.


The Flower Show

Annual flower show is about to start in Parsley Sidings, but at the same time the railway inspector is expected.


The Entente Cordial

Horace Hepplewhite is sent for a week-long trip to France as an exchange programme with a French station master.


A Night Out

Bert mis-announces the last train of the day and a female passenger, Miss Drake, becomes stranded at Parsley Sidings for the night.


The Goods Train

Parsley Sidings ia about to become goods station, but station master just can’t make the goods trains to stop.


A Bird In The Hand

Parsley Sidings staff discovers that a rare blue-headed seagull is nesting on their stretch of railway line, right in the way of the trains.


The Purity League

Valentine is about to be sacked after station master finds out that he was fined for drunken driving the bicycle.


The New Level Crossing

Station master is very proud that the automated level crossing he has long wanted has finally been approved for installation.


The Film Makers


The Secret Agent

When Prince Abdul’s train is due to be passing through Parsley Sidings in a few days, station master Hepplewhite is summoned to MI5 in London to be warned about terrorist threat to the train.

Seasons of Parsley Sidings

1971 Season 1
1973 Season 2

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