Parsley Sidings

1970s British radio comedy series

Parsley Sidings radio comedy series cast

Small train station Parsley Sidings is managed by pompous Horace Hepplewhite, who is helped by his not very bright son and few employees he really can’t rely on.

Parsley Sidings cast

Kenneth Connor sitcoms as Mr Bradshaw

The signalman, very old and almost deaf. He has been working in Parsley Sidings for almost 70 years.
Arthur Lowe sitcoms as Horace Hepplewhite
Kenneth Connor sitcoms as Percy Valentine
Ian Lavender sitcoms as Bertrand Hepplewhite
Liz Fraser sitcoms as Gloria Simpkins

Parsley Sidings supporting cast

Bill Pertwee sitcoms as

Seasons of Parsley Sidings

1971 Season 1
1973 Season 2

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