Men from the Ministry

1960s British radio comedy series

1st Series  - Men from the Ministry radio comedy series episodes guide
1st Series  - Men from the Ministry radio comedy series episodes guide
1st Series  - Men from the Ministry radio comedy series episodes guide
1st Series  - Men from the Ministry radio comedy series episodes guide
1st Series  - Men from the Ministry radio comedy series episodes guide

Fictional General Assistance Department was created to help other ministries with often trivial problems. Incompetent civil servants that are running it get into trouble everytime they try to do their job. But most of the time they just try to look like they are doing any job.

Men from the Ministry 1st Series (1962)

Roland Hamilton-Jones and his "number two" Richard Lamb are running the General Assistance Department with a little help (literally little) from their secretary Mildred.


The Great Footwear Scandal

The department mixes up the order for rubber boats for Navy and receives rubber boots.


The Big Rocket

A note left on Hamilton-Jones’ desk starts the gossip that United Kingdom has launched the space rocket and his secretary Mildred was the first woman in the space.


Strictly for the Birds

The pair of pigeons that Hamilton-Jones and Lamb took care now have eggs and both of the civil servants have to find the way to protect them when the building renovation is about to begin.


French Cricket

On the way to international conference on mutual sport for all NATO forces men from General Assistance Department get mixed with international spies convinced that Hamilton-Jones carries a secret weapon.


The War with the Isle of Wight

Ministry of Defence wants General Assistance Department to buy the part of Isle of Wight from private owners. They’re suppose to keep it as quite as possible, but instead they manage to start a war against the island.


Moderately Important Person

General Assistance Department has to take care of moderately important prince from Middle East visiting England and show him some moderately important time. But the problem is prince’s hobby is chasing women and he keeps his eye on ministry secretary April.


The Rhubarb Pirates

Hamilton-Jones and Lamb are sent to remote rhubarb farm and take care of it’s owner that sells the rhubarb longer than other farmers, which is, of course, unthinkable.


A Matter of Form

Hamilton-Jones and Lamb are absolutely delighted when they are given the task of preparing new form for aplicants that about to work in British nuclear power plant. But the tricky questions they have prepared backfired with bringing a child into their office.


The Magic Carpet

Christmas special - Hamilton-Jones, Lamb and Mildred have to stay at office for the Christmas and they deal with Santa Claus in their own special way.


The Spy in the Black Pin-Stripe

Hamilton-Jones joins ballroom dance course and keeps it a secret from Lamb and Mildred, but this makes him suspect in spy-catching investigation.


Island in the Sun

Lamb and Hamilton-Jones visit the lonely island that is the forgotten part of United Kingdom.


Problem in the Park


The End of the Road

Since Mildred have provided Lamb and Lennox-Brown with outdated map they have sent the demolition company to clear terrain for a new bypass in the middle of residential area.


A Present For Norman

Christmas special episode.

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