Anything Legal

1980s British radio comedy series

Anything Legal radio comedy series review

Two city gentlemen are made redundant and come up with idea that could change their lives.

Charles and George are one of many commuters traveling to their works in the city every day. Their boring lives are predictable, their boring jobs are dull and their lifestyles are anything you could expect. But this is about to change once they are both made redundant by their companies. Even though they know each other for 15 years they decide to keep that fact a secret. But once cat is out of the bag they have to face a reality - they have no jobs, they have no really useful skills and they have wives with expensive tastes. The only plan they come up with is to establish their own company and be in charge of their own fate. The problem is any company needs a clear goal - they need to provide products or services, while Charles and George lack knowledge and skills to do any of that. So they decide to offer services. Any services. Absolutely any services, as long as they are legal.

Old-fashioned radio comedy with rather slow pace and potential that wasn’t really fully used. The main characters could be doing dozens of different jobs that could create dozens of funny situations, but the plot was moving so slow that it took 2 episodes for them to come up with idea to establish company in a first place. For fans of Hewlett and Knowles it is interesting bit of their work together, but overall Anything Legal can hardly be called unforgettable.


Anything Legal comedy series6.0


Anything Legal funny5 / 10


Anything Legal entertaining3 / 5


Anything Legal characters4 / 5


Anything Legal nonrepetitive3 / 5

Seasons of Anything Legal

1984 Season 1

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