Hale and Pace

1980s British tv comedy series

Hale and Pace tv comedy series review
Hale and Pace tv comedy series review
Hale and Pace tv comedy series review
Hale and Pace tv comedy series review

Another of the great British comedy duos - Gareth Hale and Norman Pace - kept their show for 10 years and still they decided to stop, which is remarkable for sketch-based show.

Hale and Pace managed to find the tastefull way of telling most tasteless jokes. For 10 years they’ve been showing jokes about f.e. sex, pissing, being drunk, injuries, cooking the cat in the microwave (well, to be fair they didn’t actually do it, but made a great joke about it) and anything they could get away with and what is different from other shows (f.e. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or The Sarah Silverman Program) it was really funny.

They’ve created their own style of telling jokes in which the camera work was very important and which marked their work. Also they were good in parody and even some (I can’t believe I’m saying that) musical numbers. Of course they had some ups and downs (like one season spent on live sketches only which didn’t work or some of the characters in later seasons), but overall they really kept the good level.


Hale and Pace comedy series8.4


Hale and Pace funny9 / 10


Hale and Pace entertaining5 / 5


Hale and Pace characters3 / 5


Hale and Pace nonrepetitive4 / 5

Seasons of Hale and Pace

1988 Season 1
1989 Season 2
1990 Season 3
1991 Season 4
1992 Season 5
1993 Season 6
1994 Season 7
1995 Season 8
1997 Season 9
1998 Season 10

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 Hale and Pace

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