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Season 1  - Payne tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Payne tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Payne tv sitcom episodes guide

Royal Payne and his wife Connie run a Whispering Pines Inn, not so glamorous hotel somewhere near coast in California. Their guests are sometimes quite eccentric, but not as eccentric as Royal himself.

Payne Season 1 (1999)

Royal Payne and his wife Connie are running Whispering Pines hotel on the coast of California.


The J. Edgar Hoover Pin Story

One of the guests loses a diamond lapel pin, which ended up in "lost and found" box and Royal forgot to buy a wedding anniversary present. What could happen next?


Sexual Intercom

While the intercom system is installed in the hotel accidentally it provides the staff with chance to listen to the guests in their rooms.


Whatever Happened to Baby Payne?

The guest from family-oriented hotel guide arrives to Whispering Pines with her baby, expecting hotel to provide a daycare center.


Gossip Checks In and a Cat Checks Out

During a heatwave the ventilation system break down and Royal breaks down when he learns what rumours his wife has been spreading about him.


Pacific Ocean Duck

In order to attract better clientele Whispering Pines organizes a gourmet night.


Trouble in Room 206

Greed pushes Royal to put a young couples, looking for a accommodation for hours, into a room that is already occupied.


I Never Forget a Face-Lift

Rich lady arrives to Whispering Pines by mistake. After surgery she cannot see a thing and desperate for income Royal tries to make use of that mistake.


Wedding Fever

Whispering Pines is organizing a wedding ceremony, but unfortunately the groom falls in love with Breeze.


Uncle Royal and Aunt Connie

While expecting important guests Paynes are visited by a family member who may destroy their plan to woo customers.

Seasons of Payne

1999 Season 1

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