Ned and Stacey

1990s tv sitcom

Season 2  - Ned and Stacey tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 2  - Ned and Stacey tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 2  - Ned and Stacey tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 2  - Ned and Stacey tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 2  - Ned and Stacey tv sitcom episodes guide

Two New Yorkers find unusual solution to their problems - he needed promotion, she needed to move out from her parents house, so they decided to... get married. Well, sort of...

Ned and Stacey Season 2 (1996)

Ned invests in Amanda’s realty flipping scheme, but they end up running a muffin shop.


The Other End

After Ned throws her out of the house, Stacey decides to stay at Alex’s house. However Ned has mixed feelings about how their story ends.


Dorsey vs. Dorsey

Stacey tries to make their divorce final as quickly as possible, but the lawyer she hires points her attention at one detail in the original agreement.


The Muffins Take Manhattan

Ned invests in Amanda’s realty flipping scheme, but the business they bought, a muffin shop, turns out to be something more than just a business deal.


Computer Dating

While making ads for Bill Gates-like computer businessman Ned tries to set up him on a date with Stacey.


Les Is More or Less Moral-less

Executive in Ned’s company is embezzling money and tries to force Eric into hiding it from boss, otherwise he will tell about Ned’s fake marriage.


Loganberry’s Run

Ned tries to force Amanda to start selling Loganberry muffins in the shop, but she holds her stand.


It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Eric

Ned belittles Eric in front of the important client and fails to notice how angry it made his friend.


Fifteen A-Minutes

Amanda becomes instant sensation when Ned makes a commercial for muffin shop, in which she shows her angry side.


Prom Night

Muffin shop employee, teenager Amy, asks Ned to take her to a prom night, something he is reluctant to do.


Saved by the Belvedere

Ned wants to use actor, who played Mr Belvedere in a sitcom, in one of the adverts, which turns out to be quite a challenge.


Where My Third Nepal Is Sheriff

Ned and Eric were suppose to go to Nepal, but just before boarding plane Eric chickens out.


Sex, Lies and Commercials

Ned falls for a trick created by an attractive advertising director.


Scenes From a Muffin Shop

Ned starts dating woman that tricked him and later Eric learns that she is cheating on his friend.


The Skyward’s the Limit

Stacey wants to write an edgy and serious article for Skyward, but this puts her job in danger.


The Errand Girl

Strapped for cash Stacey becomes Diana’s personal assistant.


No Retreat, No Surrender

Ned’s boss insists that he should take Stacey to a company retreat to take part in the course for couples in order to save their marriage.


The Truth Shall Set You Back

Stacey decides to tell her parents that she and Ned are getting divorce.


I Like Your Moxie

Ned is worried that he could lose his job. All he has to do is find a way to advertise sponges.


Please Don’t Squeeze the Eric

Eric’s new boss, Stephanie, begins to flirt with him. At least that’s what he thinks is happening.


All That Chazz

While Ned and Stacey prepare for divorce muffin shop employee, Chazz, asks her out. In the meantime Ned realizes he has feelings towards Stacey.


Skippy’s Revenge

Ned’s boss brings a new executive into the company, his own son, Skippy. Skippy has a years-long grudge towards Ned.


Best of Luck on Future Projects

While Ned tries to find a way to get back on his feet Stacey surprises him with news that she moves out.

Seasons of Ned and Stacey

1995 Season 1
1996 Season 2

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