Mind Your Language

1970s British tv sitcom

Season 1  - Mind Your Language tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Mind Your Language tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Mind Your Language tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 1  - Mind Your Language tv sitcom episodes guide

English tutor takes up group of imigrants on "English for foreigners" course, but his naive enthusiasm quickly fades away when he realizes what problems he will have to face.

Mind Your Language Season 1 (1977)

Jeremy Brown starts as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language only to find out that his new job ain’t gonna be easy.


The First Lesson

Jeremy Brown starts his new job as the teacher of English as a Foreign Language class, and meets his students, who will prove him that it is not a dream job for him.


An Inspector Calls

An education inspector arrives at the school to observe the classes, but Mr. Brown is not sure how does the inspector looks like.


A Fate Worse Than Death

Ranjeet asks Mr. Brown and the class to help him escape an arranged marriage.


All Through the Night

Mr. Brown gives the class extra work and keeps them longer. In fact long enough that they are locked in by Sid.


The Best Things in Life

Mr. Brown has to go down to police station and collect Jamila, who was arrested for shoplifting. She misunderstood the term "free" on the boxes and just took some things.


Come Back All Is Forgiven

The dream of Ms. Courtney of hiring female teacher comes true and she gives Mr. Brown a sack.


The Cheating Game

The students are preparing for mock exam and Mr. Brown is not so sure that the outcome of the exam will keep his job safe, so he arranges a little help for them.


Better to Have Loved and Lost

Ali and Su Li announce that they’re getting married, but Mr. Brown discovers that Ali is already married.


Kill or Cure

Mr. Brown is ill and the students visit him, each one with miracle cure for his disease, most of them containing alcohol.


Hello, Sailor

Juan brings to school his Russian friend Boris, who wants to defect to Great Britain, but situation isn’t that simple.


A Point of Honour

Danielle is harassed by the woodwork teacher. She tells him that she is engaged to Mr. Brown to get rid of him, but her plan doesn’t work as she planned and Mr. Brown has to put boxing gloves on.


How’s Your Father?

Mr. Brown, who was abandoned as a baby, notices how his story life fits the story of Sid’s baby that he given away years ago.


The Examination

The students take their Lower Cambridge Certificate exam and Mr. Brown has a bad feeling about the result, especially since he insulted the examiner.

Seasons of Mind Your Language

1977 Season 1
1978 Season 2
1979 Season 3
1986 Season 4

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