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Season 11  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 11  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 11  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 11  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 11  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide
Season 11  - MASH tv sitcom episodes guide

The plot is set in military hospital during the Korean War - seems like not very good place for sitcom, but you would be surprised. Doctors are busy chasing nurses, nurses are busy avoiding doctors and the commander is trying to avoid being commander.

MASH Season 11 (1982)


Hey, Look Me Over

A notorious colonel’s visit makes Margaret evaluate herself, while Hawkeye falls for a nurse he never noticed before.


Trick or Treatment

The 4077th’s Halloween party is side-tracked by wounded and a brawl that starts at Rosie’s. A soldier declared dead by battalion aid, isn’t actually dead and a wounded soldier (Richard Lineback) is suffering from malnutrition. Featuring George Wendt as a marine with a pool ball in his mouth. Andrew Dice Clay also plays a marine.


Foreign Affairs

An Army PR reporter officer looks for a scoop worthy of propaganda when an enemy pilot lands near the 4077th -- a reference to Operation Moolah --- while Charles falls for a French Red Cross volunteer.


The Joker is Wild

B.J. is tired of hearing how great a prankster Trapper was, so he swears to pull off the ultimate prank on the whole camp.


Who Knew?

Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a nurse no one actually knew, while Klinger seeks an investor for his latest invention - the hula hoop.



Hawkeye starts a rumor that Marilyn Monroe is coming to the 4077th, while a sniper interrupts B.J.’s fishing trip.


Settling Debts

Potter gets paranoid when his wife sends Hawkeye a letter, while B.J. treats a lieutenant paralyzed by a sniper.


The Moon is Not Blue

Hawkeye and B.J. try to get a racy movie (The Moon Is Blue) to spice things up at the 4077th, while a wounded general declares last call for the officers’ club.


Run For the Money

Klinger depends on divine intervention when Father Mulcahy is chosen to race a veteran track star from another unit. Winchester stands up for a stuttering soldier, threatening to report his bullying CO for inhumanity.


U.N., the Night and the Music

A UN delegattion has a deep impact on the 4077th, while B.J. feels guilty about a patient’s condition.


Strange Bedfellows

Potter hears depressing news from his visiting son-in-law that reminds him of his own past, while Charles denies his excessive snoring.


Say No More

Margaret contracts laryngitis, while a no-nonsense general sets up camp at the 4077th where his son is being treated.


Friends and Enemies

An old friend of Potter’s may be unfit for command, while Margaret has no records for her new turntable.


Give and Take

A wounded GI and the North Korean he shot end up bedded next to each other, while the position of charity-collection officer is passed down.


As Time Goes By

Margaret collects valuable items for a time capsule, while B.J. and Rizzo play practical jokes on each other.


Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

The Korean War comes to an end as the staff of the 4077th tends to more casualties and sorts out their personal problems before going their separate ways. Note: Alan Alda is the only cast member to appear in every episode of the series.

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